Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Caden decided to be a Werepanther this year for Halloween:

This year Caden's Mama-made costume was another 5 day hand sewing extravaganza that was way more hairy mess then I ever imagined! Not to mention, this Werepanther costume started out a lot cuter then my 5' 2" 110 pound 11 year old would have liked. So after me and my Mr. stopped laughing at how adorable he looked, I did my best to make it look tough, you know, big shoulders, pecks, muscles, spikes, the standard manly stuff :). I'm not sure how successful I was as the Mr. continued to make comments about a certain Broadway show... but overall Caden seems fine with it. However, I'm thinking next year he's getting a store bought costume!

Here is a look at some of the other Halloween costumes I have created for Caden over the years: 

2007 The Ghost (Age 4)
2008 The Goblin (Age 5)
2009 The Rotten Rocker (Age 6)
 2010 The Satyr (Age 7)
2011 The Vampire (Age 8)
2012 The Mummy (Age 9) 

2013 The Devil (Age 10)  

Hope you are enjoying your little monsters this chilly fall weekend! Have fun Trick or Treating! Happy Halloween!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Project Sleuth!

Here is the poster and 3-D part of Caden’s 4th grade Project Sleuth:

As you can see he chose to research Evolution this year. And yes I helped, mostly with the paint, but the majority of the sculpting and drawing is Caden’s. There is a bit of clip art included in the center of the poster that Caden added his personal touches to. I just helped make his presentation a bit more "professional". I am extremely happy with the end result, as I am with all of our collaborations.

Right now Caden is using this morning's two hour snow delay to practice his speech for the Project Sleuth presentation tonight. He volunteered to be one of the six presenters this evening. I’m a bit nervous for him, Evolution is a large and complicated concept that has even today’s scientist dedicating entire careers to it. Originally I had doubts about how much a 10 year old would truly be able to comprehend and hoped to steer him away from the topic to something simpler. However, hearing him practice now, I feel confident that he made the right choice. I’m looking forward to seeing him present this evening – although – not sure how much one can say about Evolution in 5 minutes?

Last year in Ms Johnson’s 3rd class it was The Solar System. The year before in Mrs. Maslan’s second grade class, he chose Albert Einstein. I’m not sure why I forgot to include the artwork for those two presentations, I must have spaced!

Anyway, if you’re interested, here is a look at Project Sleuth from First Grade.
Here is a look at Project Sleuth from Kindergarten.

As for me – I’m still diligently plugging away at The Legend of Hare Terra project. Slowly but surely, the series is Evolving! :)

Friday, January 03, 2014

The Legend of Hare Terra

Here is a look at where I am with The Legend of Hare Terra:

All 12 Legend of Hare Terra paintings By:
Artist: Amy E. Fraser
Date: 2009-2013
Size: 20” x 28”
Medium: Acrylic on Watercolor Paper

(For a limited time you can visit for a larger view.)

With various time constraints (and distractions) I found that so far I have been averaging only one finished painting a month! I’m feeling extremely discouraged by this because there are still around 100 finished sketches in the Hare Terra series that I would very much like to paint. As frustrating as this reality check has been, I still feel like it’s worth it. To quote my husband “give it a year, see how you feel then”. Perseverance, commitment, dedication… all good things, slow and steady wins the race, right? Commendable or just insane? Only one way to find out… whatever the case, I am hoping desperately that it doesn’t take a decade to figure it out!

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Melvin and Henry

Here is the much anticipated House Rabbit Review! Take a look at our adorable bunnies, Melvin and Henry, who are now 7 months old:

I have to admit that as sweet and innocent as these little bunnies appear, life with them was pretty difficult for a few months as they experienced their terrible teens. Although, as soon as Melvin and Henry were castrated, they suddenly became a lot less torturous. Meaning they stopped fighting, running up the walls and stomping at me. Best of all, they stopped spraying and decided they wanted to use the litter boxes again instead of leaving 1,000 poop pellets on the floor (and in my chair) every day! Keep in mind the rabbits are loose in my studio where I spend at least 8 hours a day (trying to work!). I was literally running the power out of two dust-busters daily! And, I’m a neat freak – so you can imagine my dismay. They were SO naughty! Some examples, they would sneak up behind me in my chair as I painted and chew off chunks of my hair, they would nip at me if I didn’t participate in the mating dance, stomp and charge at me like a bull if I wasn’t paying attention and there’s more – like scaring our poor cats and the boxing of various body parts... So, you’d think a 4 pound rabbit wouldn’t be intimidating – right? The House Rabbit books did NOT prepare me for that level of craziness. However, I did read AFTER the fact that I should not have adopted two unneutered males – they behaved exactly as nature intended. Now that they are fixed, I kind of miss the mating dance, and the hair thing, I ended up having a layered look that people have been raving about! J

Look below to see a very scared and jealous Tonka. He spends quite a bit of time crying outside the fence and trying to look cuter then baby bunnies. He won’t come into the studio on his own anymore because he is petrified of the rabbits! Poor cat – even if it is kind of funny…

Anyway, even with all the trouble, Melvin and Henry are incredibly charming, and impossible to stay mad at. In fact, I am pretty sure they are the most spoiled rabbits ever. They live the spa life, three gorgeous salads a day, three kinds of hay and high end healthy baby bunny pellets as well as Melvin’s insistence on frequent and lengthy massages (nips given if demands aren’t met!). They have every toy ever made for rabbits and as spa director, I do my best to provide stimulating activities like giant sheets of paper to rip, piles of old towels to dig in, and I’ve designed cardboard castles and mazes for them to renovate and explore in. The Mr. even cuts down his precious apple trees to give them special twig treats to chew on. Do they appreciate it? Probably not – but if the amount of Binky’s are any indication I know they are extremely happy.

As far as the House Rabbits providing inspiration for the Legend of Hare Terra project – I think they are more distraction then inspiration… but I am getting *some* work done – mostly when they nap. I’ll share more about Hare Terra soon.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year End Review

2013 was not at all the year I was expecting it to be! I had plans to work full time on The Legend of Hare Terra project but somehow got side tracked. I started with the best of intentions, I continued to eliminate distractions by refusing exhibition invitations and medallion party requests, I even stopped checking in on Facebook and e-mail. But somehow, instead of working on the project I’ve been struggling to find time to work on since 2009, I ended up decorating my house. Then, painting the 18 pieces in the Woodland Portrait series, as well as the other 18 decorative paintings for the AEFMA! Before I knew it – it was July! And of course summer is always hectic around here with Caden out of school and friends and family visiting… Then, due to my own ridiculous “self surgery” I ended up spending quite a bit of time at the hospital with *Festus* (otherwise known as Septic Bursitis). Between that, and Caden’s sports and camps, the gardening and house projects (including the instillation of The AEFMA) I actually did get started on the Hare Terra paintings. I really did! In July. But as luck would have it, I was soon distracted with various summer vacation stuff, like our trip to Maine and the crisis/reality check of my 40th birthday! Yes, on top of being easily distracted by shiny things, I also have moments of being a vain and frivolous human being! Whaaa! Then there was the whole House Rabbit thing, which honestly is just barely starting to settle down (I will write more about Melvin and Henry soon). Ugh, so yeah, I sound like a total flake, but I’m learning to accept that it’s just life! It’s ME! I had great times with my family and friends, and I did get some painting done - including 7 new Hare Terra paintings, so overall 2013 was really not too bad! That is, if I can get over not being a raging success in the art world J Seriously, I’m just hoping for a more organized 2014! And as always, I am once again starting the New Year with the best of intentions!

I hope you all have a very Happy 2014!