Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fit To Be Tied!

The Winter Garden medallions are finally beaded and strung!

The entire collection is “fit to be tied”, that is, they are now ready to be tied with their nickel plated barrel clasps. :)

Here they are on the rack waiting for the final step:

The Sun and Moon

Yesterday afternoon I photographed the sun and the moon at the same time.
I know it’s random but it made me happy so I decided to share it! :)

The Sun was setting in the front yard:

The Moon was rising in the back yard:

Sitting Pretty

Jasmine shows off one of the new Exalted Beauty Winter Garden Medallions

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Hard at Work!

The Winter Garden Collection is on its way! I am so sorry for the delay! The supplies are now in and we are back on track!
As you can see, the Exalted Beauty staff has been hard at work stringing and beading the new Winter Garden collection!
With diligent workers like this on staff, I feel confident that the collection will be ready very soon!

Stay tuned! :)

The Arrival!

The Charmed Life Necklace arrived today!

Yay! I am so thrilled to finally see it in person! It really is amazing!
I haven’t decided what I am going to do for an outing with the necklace yet, but I am really looking forward to it! It has been said that each of the women who have worn this piece have experienced a bit of magic! I can’t wait to see what happens! I will write more about my Charmed Life experience and fill you in on the history of the necklace very soon!

In the meantime, here is a quick snapshot of the necklace:

Warm and Fuzzy!

Hi Everyone!
I hope you are all enjoying your holidays!
Here are some warm and fuzzy Christmas moments from our house…

The Night Before Christmas

Early Christmas Morning

Later Christmas Morning

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Certain Places Have Energy

I had an enlightening conversation with a special painting patron of mine when we first moved to Plainfield, New Hampshire almost two years ago.
I had filed this conversation away somewhere into the recesses of my brain until recently, as I was looking at these photos I took of our view of Mount Ascutney:

As the conversation replayed itself in my mind, I heard her make her point once again about how certain places have energy. After giving the conversation some serious consideration, I realized how important her words are to me and that they should be shared. So now I am taking this opportunity to share a very wise and intuitive woman’s thoughts. She felt that this place, the place where I had chosen to build my home, my life, and raise my child was one of those powerful places. She believed that I must have been drawn to this land for a specific reason, that my being here in this time and place was my destiny, my life’s purpose.

I’m wary of destiny predictions in general, but this one could have legitimacy. I refuse to specifically define my beliefs under one religion or one god, but I am spiritual and I do believe in *something*, and after some consideration, I might be starting to believe in this.

I have had a deep and unexplainable connection to the national historic site
Saint-Gaudens since I first discovered it in high school. It was a beautiful, secret place of both peace and inspiration for me. Most people who were born and raised here have never stepped upon its grounds, so my finding it is a bit of a mystery. You might say I was drawn to it. Saint-Gaudens was where I went to get away from my life and think. I did not take time to learn about the artist in whom the site is named (until college when I discovered Saint-Gaudens in an Art History book), I just went there to *absorb the energy* (for lack of a more articulate explanation). I continued to visit the Saint-Gaudens site when I came home on breaks from my life in New York City. And after I moved back to New Hampshire, I continued to visit on a regular basis. I also choose the site for my wedding in 2002. I never questioned why, it just was the thing I needed to do. Certain places have energy.

Maybe the pull had to do with the power and energy from the Cornish Arts Colony?

In the early years of the 20th century, the Cornish Artists’ Colony was one of the more popular places for creative fine art activity in the eastern United States. Between 1895 and 1925, nearly 100 artists, sculptors, writers, designers, and well-known politicians chose Cornish as the area where they wanted to live, either full time or during the summer months. The natural beauty of Cornish was what originally attracted its many settlers. With views across the Connecticut River Valley to Mount Ascutney in Vermont, the idyllic rolling-hill scenery resembled an Italian landscape. Countless paintings, sculptures, writings, as well as gardens from the Cornish Colony live on, continuing to plant seeds of inspiration.

Here are some photos I took this past summer at Saint-Gaudens:

The name Cornish, although referencing the town in New Hampshire, is more reflective of a state of mind and a sense of beautiful place rather than a solid geographical location. The Colony was in fact spread out over Windsor, Vermont, as well as the villages of Plainfield and Cornish in New Hampshire. Windsor was the mailing address for the entire area and the arrival point of most of the colonists, who usually came from New York City, which was a grueling nine-hour train ride.

Cornish was the primary gathering spot and was considered one of the most beautifully gardened villages in the United States. The gardens were designed, created, and maintained by the artists, which made them even more appealing to the public.

Oddly enough, (with out previous knowledge of the Colony Artists) the first thing I did when we moved here, even before I unpacked, was build an enormous wildflower meadow. It was an obsession. I had to create it. Strange coincidence? Perhaps, but, maybe it’s true; certain places have energy. Maybe the gods of art have blessed the land surrounding Mount Ascutney? Maybe only the true worshippers and creators of art feel its powerful magic? Maybe this land is a magnet for creative energy? For a creative life? There must be something that drew all of those talented artists to this land? Whatever it is, I know that I feel *something* here. I find joy, inspiration and peace when I gaze upon the sun setting on Mount Ascutney from my front porch. I can believe in the energy and magic when I see beautiful wildlife gazing back in at me through my window. I find balance and contentment as I watch the progress and beauty of the garden I was driven to create. I wake up every day in this powerful place, needing to create. I am never at a loss for inspiration, for it is everywhere here.
Maybe that is because certain places have energy?

Here are some photos I’ve taken of the wildlife outside my windows:

Click HERE to learn more about the Cornish Art Colony

Monday, December 18, 2006

Meet the New Exalted Beauty Staff!

Say hello to Jasmine and Tank the newest members of the Exalted Beauty staff!

Jasmine and Tank became part of our family this past Friday.
Jasmine is the very beautiful warrior princess and Tank is her wild and crazy 9 week old son.
As you can see they are already settled in and very busy napping!

Winter Garden Catalog Delay

I must apologize to those of you anticipating today’s arrival of the Exalted Beauty Winter Garden Medallion Catalog.
There has been a delay on the collection’s completion due to supplies that are currently unavailable.
I am deeply sorry; this is completely my fault as I hadn’t anticipated the Christmas shopper madness! I am so sorry!
I am still searching locally for the parts I need to complete the necklaces but if I do not find them in the next few days I will need to order them and shipping time will delay the catalog until the New Year.
Obviously, that will be much too late for even the last minute holiday shoppers, but please don’t despair!
There are still hundreds of beautiful medallions to choose from in the existing catalogs and you can find all kinds of fabulous Exalted Beauty Medallions as well as other Amy E. Fraser Original art gifts at the following retail locations:

Fine Facets
888 Brannan Street, Suite 2172
San Francisco, CA 94103

The Razzberry Kiss
Olde Nugget Alley
Hanover, NH

The Ranch
77 Etna Road
Lebanon, NH

387 Miracle Mile, Lebanon NH

Friday, December 15, 2006

Bursts of Energy!

Here are some close up examples of the Exalted Beauty Winter Garden Medallions:

I shot these photos from this perspective to illustrate the physical depth and dimension of this collection. You can see here that these colorful new flowers are just exploding with lively petals! They seem to burst with happy energy!
I absolutely love the way the sunlight plays in this luminous clay! The centers of the flowers spark icy fire from the gorgeous Swarovski Crystals and the medallions sparkle throughout with a glittery metallic flame.

Perhaps these energetic floral medallions are just what we need to keep our attitudes bright in the long dark winter days ahead?

And don’t forget that each Exalted Beauty Medallion is an Amy E. Fraser original, one of a kind sculpture. Each exuberant creation is as beautiful, unique and individual as you are!

The Winter Garden Collection will be ready soon! Stay tuned!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

An Artist’s Dialogue

I have re-posted my book “Dissecting The Western Woman Artist: An Artist’s Dialog” in response to those of you requesting an *explanation* of my earlier work.

Dissecting The Western Woman Artist; An Artist's Dialogue
by Amy E. Fraser


Part 1. The Autopsy
- External Examination -

Chapter 1. Skin
The Truth and Power behind Female Nudity

Chapter 2. Muscle
Feminine Strength

Chapter 3. Vagina
Creativity and Feminine Multiplicity

Chapter 4. Breasts
Beauty, Power and Desire

- Internal Examination -

Chapter 5. Lungs
Breathing From the Artist’s Soul

Chapter 6. Heart
The Female Artist’s Emotional Center

Chapter 7. Intestines
The Primordial Being

Chapter 8. Stomach
Eating and Self Identity

Chapter 9. Uterus
Sacred Sexuality And Feminine Symbolism

Chapter 10. Menstrual Blood
A Woman’s Ancient Magic

Chapter 11. Skeleton
The Matrilineal Legacy of Feminine Knowledge

- Final Examination -

Chapter 12. Brain
Gendered Thought, Female Intellect and Feminine Consciousness



Enjoy! :) Amy

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Carnival of the Creators!

Welcome to the December 2006 edition of the Carnival of the Creators!

Thank you all for your submissions! This month’s carnival features a multitude of creative endeavors from quilts with fish to fashion, thoughtful book reviews and even advice on acting! You will find many interesting posts on art, creativity, philosophy and spirituality. Some post are beautiful, some are serious, some are funny, some are thought provoking and some just leave you wondering! This carnival has something for all of our creative and artistic needs.

So, let's get the carnival started!
Here are some wonderful creative blogs for you to visit:

Art and Creativity:

My very creative friend Cyndi Lavin presents
Small art quilts…with fish! posted at Layers Upon Layers: Mixed Media Art.

Cyndi Lavin also presents
Handmade beaded necklace with a floral medallion posted at Cyndi Lavin. This will be of special interest to those of you who have been following the collaboration between Cyndi and I over the past few weeks. This post reveals the final necklace. You will be absolutely amazed with what Cyndi has created. It’s beautiful! A must see!

My very talented friend Derek Andrews presents
Discussing the Art of Woodturning posted at The Tool Rest.

Edward Duffy presents
work in progress posted at sketchPants.

Mallory presents Inspiring Blogs posted at Miss Malaprop - independent, sustainable, eco-friendly shopping, film, art, fashion, crafts & design, from New Orleans with love.

Cecilia Leibovitz presents Time to Play posted at Little Ida.
Cecilia also presents
Collage Wallpaper posted at Little Ida.

Dan presents
Spirited Away posted at Drawmyface - Behind the Paintbrush.

Will Chen presents Mountain Dew Christmas Tree posted at Wisebread

I just discovered that my former Parsons Classmate and artist extraordinaire Angie Mason has an AMAZING! Beautiful! Stupendous! blog that you must see! I can’t pick just one post because I think the entire blog is a creative experience not to be missed! Seriously! Go check out:
Memory Jar Journal, Brain Spills A Plenty by Angie Mason.

Here is a fun one for you fashion obsessed! F.A.D.Fashion Addict Diary I love the Warhol portraits!

And here is a creative blog that I just can’t get enough of: The Butterfly Collector. A Collection of Fashionable Finds, Jewel Box Treasures, Exotic Art and Decadent Decor! Handmade Delights, Luxurious Shopping, Wonders from the China Cabinet and Secrets from behind the Wardrobe Door, Dramatic Books and Delicious Treats! I just love it! And I know you will too!

Philosophy, Literature and Creative Story Telling:

Isabella Mori presents
What is an Artist? posted at Change Therapy.

Don West presents
The Illusive Hoary Marmot posted at Idle Minutes.

Rocket presents
Waiting Where The Light Goes posted at The Rocketman's Change For A Dollar.

Maria Yu presents
Light Language, Water and Manifestation posted at

Julie Wilson presents
University Line and there ain't no sunshine. posted at Julie Wilson.

Creative Advice:

Vincent Romaniello presents
Nic Coviello, Art Talk Video, Part 1 posted at ROMANBLOG, art on video.

Paul presents
How to deal with information overload posted at Paul's Tips. Paul wrote; ”A couple of people have sent emails asking me to write about information overload. It seems that a lot of you are drowning in data at the moment, and need some sort of direction about which way to swim. I've thought about it for a bit, and here's my conclusion.”

Victor presents
Dare To Dream « Towards Better Life posted at Victor Fam.

James Corey presents
8 Steps to a Better Project posted at James Corey. This ex-programmer tries his hand at woodworking. He covers everything from shop-built box fan dust collector to building a kitchen utensil holder.

Brian C. Lee presents
How to Break into the Film Industry posted at

Surfer Sam presents
How To Be An Artist. Tap Into Your Hidden Inspiration ! Surfer Sam posted at Surfer Sam and Friends.

Brandon Peele presents
Thus Spoke Zarathustra Book Review posted at GT.

Conan Stevens presents
The Most Important Skill As An Extra, Stuntman Or Actor In Movies posted at Conan Stevens Worlds Biggest Action Hero?.

A Creative Break:

Alvaro presents
Well-deserved break: Top 10 Brain Teasers posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution. Sharp Brain has created or refined a number of very illuminating brain teasers that you may find entertaining.

That's it for this month! I hope you enjoyed this presentation of the Carnival of the Creators.

If you would like to submit your blog article to the next edition of the Carnival of the Creators, please use our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page. The Carnival of the Creators is a monthly collection of links to blog posts about creative people and their work. They may be artists, craftspeople, novelists, musicians - in fact anyone who creates something original.

Thanks so much for stopping by!
:) Amy E. Fraser

Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Razzberry Kiss!

I am very excited to announce that my work is now available at The Razzberry Kiss!

They are the *exclusive* representative for Exalted Beauty Medallions in Hanover, NH. And they are also exhibiting some of my recent paintings!!!

The Razzberry Kiss is an amazingly beautiful boutique located on Olde Nugget Alley in Hanover New Hampshire, owned by the fabulous and exuberant Elizabeth Gil De Rubio. You just HAVE to stop by this mouthwatering store! They are open 10-6 Tuesday thru Saturday and 11-5 on Sundays. You can’t miss the eye popping raspberry colored storefront with its striking logo, it reflects Elizabeth’s fun personality and sophisticated sense of style! The Razzberry Kiss is more then a boutique, it is an experience! You will not believe the delectable discoveries within! Baubles and beads, parties, lessons, and so much more! A visit to The Razzberry Kiss is something you will truly enjoy!

I would like to send out a huge thank you to my good friend Deb Roberts for introducing us! Deb, a woman of both extreme beauty and wisdom, has an innate talent for finding people’s perfect destiny. Thank you Deb!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Winter Garden

The Winter Garden Collection is now in progress!

The Exalted Beauty Winter Garden Medallion Collection is a wide array of complex floral designs accentuated with beautiful Swarovski Crystals and colorful seed beads. The flowers in this collection are blooming with winter’s most delicious colors! Sunset Purple, Cirrus Blue, Ice Pink, English Lavender, Persian Blue, Clear Sage, Thistle, Camel, Heather Gray, Rose Pink, Harvest Yellow, Toasted Almond, Scarlet Red, Magenta, Ginger Spice, Bright Kelly Green, Wild Rose, Charcoal Grey, Cappuccino, Silvered White, and Silvered Black. The clay used for the Winter Garden collection was specially mixed with my *secret* formula, creating gorgeous luminescent color that glows with a snowy sparkle that will be sure to captivate!

Do I have your interest yet? :)

Here is a sneak peek of the Winter Garden medallions in progress:

The medallions shown above are fresh from the oven and about to undergo the lengthy varnishing process that gives them their glass like finish as well as added strength. These medallions are still a long way from completion so please hold off on your orders until I release the catalog. If all goes according to schedule, I should be able to put up the Winter Garden catalog by Monday December 18th.

Just in time for you last minute holiday shoppers! :)

Winter Wonderland

It looks like winter has officially arrived...

Monday, December 04, 2006

More Frost!

Oooppps! I forgot to mention that I released the second half of the FROST Collection on Friday.
They were a huge hit and the rest of the collection is melting away fast!
If you would like to order an
Exalted Beauty Frost Medallion, please e-mail me at Amy at AEFraser dot com ASAP!
Each medallion is One-Of-A-Kind.
I will not be making any more
Frost Medallions.

The Janet, Nicole and Rosalie Party!

OMG! I am still laughing! If you weren’t at this party then you missed out!
My hostesses rule! These three gorgeous ladies are hilarious!
What fun! I’m seriously still cracking up. This was by far the FUNNIEST medallion party yet!
The house was packed. Body heat, music, laughter, and delicious scents drowned the senses.
You ladies truly outdid yourselves with the beautiful appetizers and abundance of wine!
Juicy secrets were revealed, great gossip was shared, surprise guests, lap dances, spankings, mischief and mayhem!
Just what you’d expect of a good jewelry party, right? Of course!
But for future reference, I can no longer accept lap dances as payment! :)

I sincerely want to thank you ladies for a great time.
I’d beg to come back for another installment.
I will cherish the memories! It was absolutely fabulous!

Thank you again for all of your effort, support and encouragement for both my jewelry and art.
I appreciate everything you have done, and are continuing to do, to spread the word!
You’re SO awesome!

:) Amy

Also – An extra special thanks to Lynn and Susie, the best Exalted Beauty Representatives ever!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I’m Back!

Hey Everyone!
My new computer has finally arrived and my brilliant brother-in-law DYLAN has done his absolute best to put my *life* back in order! At this point I do have access to my regular e-mail account but with a few glitches. Please note that I may have lost some e-mail along the way, so if you have sent me anything in the past week – please resend! Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

Side Note: There will not be a memorial service for the dead computer as I have still not forgiven it for its untimely passing.

In the meantime, please *Bear with me* as I adjust to the new programs and variously frightening technologically advanced tasks I must accomplish to get through this adjustment period.

I do have NEW Exalted Beauty Medallion collections on the way (very soon!) so please stay tuned!

But for now, enjoy these Zen moments from the front porch…

Evening Sunset:

Morning Turkey Parade:

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :) Amy

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Computer is DEAD!

My computer died today.
I do not have access to my personal e-mail at this time. Please call or contact me through my Myspace address until further notice. I am still taking orders.
I apologize for the inconvenience.
:) Amy

Sending FROST to California!

I am thrilled to announce that the Exalted Beauty Frost Medallion Collection is SOLD OUT and is currently on it's way to San Francisco! The majority of the Frost collection has been snatched up by the fabulous Fine Facets jewelry designer Kimberly Quon! Yay! I will be counting the days, waiting with breathless anticipation for the shipment to arrive safely in California! I am SO unbelievably excited! Something tells me Kimberly's new designs will involve lots of delicious pearls! Go check out her site: Fine Facets Or visit Kimberly on Myspace! :) I can't wait to see the amazing creations she makes with these medallions! Thank you so much Kimberly! :)

Beth's Party!!!

Last Friday's Exalted Beauty Medallion party hostess Beth, was completely fabulous! A big Thank You to the gorgeous goddess for throwing such a successful party! Beth's house was spectacular, of course, the food was stupendous and the company was absolutely hilarious! I loved meeting such wonderful, witty and intelligent women! We had a great time! Once again I am so thrilled to have been invited to exhibit my medallions in such amazing company. Thank you so much to all the ladies that came to see (and purchase) my work! Your awesome! :)

Side Note: Beth's sister, the beautiful and talented Christine McKim (big time medallion junkie) was in attendance, so I was able to deliver the freshly framed Abstract Spirals for her upcoming interior designs! Don't forget that the
Abstract Spiral Painting Series will be exhibiting at Bridgman's Fine Home Furnishings this month, incorporated into sets designed by the stunning designer/photographer/artist Christine McKim! I'm very excited to see what she comes up with! :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Abstract Spirals Framed!

I finally managed to frame some of the Abstract Spiral Paintings!
The frames are original designs created especially for me, by Master Carpenter Dick Eastman, renown for his awe inspiring finish carpentry work! He designed these simple, sturdy yet elegant pocket style frames to house all of my paintings on Masonite. Examples of the talented Mr. Eastman's work can be found through out New England, but my absolute favorite Eastman Originals can be found in my childhood home! :)

It's Orna-Mental, My Dear!

I've designed an Ornament Medallion collection for you Christmas Crazies! It will be here soon! Stay tuned! :)

Clay Takes Form!

Here are the Medallions I created from the clay seen below.
Think Cyndi's going to have a hard time choosing? :)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Get Frosted!

The Exalted Beauty
Frost Collection has arrived!

A Collaboration with Cyndi!

I have a fun new collaborative project in the works with highly recognized, award winning, jewelry expert/designer Cyndi Lavin (of recent HGTV fame). The *mysterious* image above is the clay I mixed to match the seed beads Cyndi is using in her new masterpiece. I will be posting my creations as soon as they are made, hopefully later this week. I'm going to let Cyndi pick which medallion best works with the necklace.

If you would like to see the stunning bead work in progress go visit Cyndi's Blog.

I'm very excited to be working on yet another magnificent necklace with this amazing woman! As many of you may remember, our first project together was the Charmed Life necklace (that also involved 7 other fabulous jewelry artists) to benefit breast cancer. To find out more about the Charmed Life project go to:
A Charmed Life. I will be posting images and information about the Charmed Life necklace when it is my turn to wear it!

Monday, November 13, 2006

FROST is Coming Soon!

The Exalted Beauty Frost Medallion Collection is Coming Soon!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Medallions Make Great Holiday Gifts!

Each Exalted Beauty Medallion is an Amy E. Fraser One-Of-A-Kind Original sculpture, hand painted with acrylic glazes and quadruple coated with industrial strength varnish. Each medallion comes on an 18" leather cord with plastic, glass or metal accent beads and a nickel plated barrel clasp. The medallions range in size from 1" to 3". The back is a black lacquer finish with a 1/2" black and white AEF logo in the center. Each medallion is packaged in a 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" glossy white AEF logo jewelry gift box and glossy white AEF logo gift bag.

The woman who receives an Exalted Beauty Medallion from you will know she is someone special!

Visit the Exalted Beauty Medallion Catalog to pick out your unique gift!

The Art of Advertising: Playing Dress Up

So you caught me playing dress up on MySpace!?!
I'm advertising! I know it's a dirty word, but I'm attempting to provide different examples of how an Exalted Beauty Medallion looks *on*. The catalog is great for those of you who already have a concept of the necklaces size and scale, but for those that don't, the only way to judge is by seeing someone wear one!

Here is one of my recent advertisements:

I hope it helps, but the best way to know what an Exalted Beauty Medallion is going to look like on you, is to try one on for yourself! :)

Angela and Jackie's Medallion Party!

Angela and Jackie's Medallion Party was an absolute blast!
My two beautiful and gracious hostesses really outdid themselves.
Their home was stunning and the giant display of appetizers was a feast for both the eyes and thighs!
Everything was amazing! I had a great time! I really enjoyed meeting all of the fun new Exalted Beauties! I am also thrilled at having the chance to spend time with some of my favorite hard core medallion fans!
What I enjoy most about these parties is being around the women who are *able* to pull off an Exalted Beauty Medallion. It takes a special kind of person to wear an Amy E. Fraser original! These are women who are fun, bold, and sassy! These are women who appreciate creativity and make an art form out of laughter. The kind of women who exude sophistication and class but can get down and dirty with the best of them. You know who you are ladies! Your awesome! I feel lucky to have had so many great hostesses that have provided the opportunity for me to not only make sales and connections, but also with the opportunity to be around spectacular women like these on a regular basis. I appreciate you more then words can express! My Medallion Ladies are the best people ever! :)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


If you are in the NYC area Wednesday night - don't forget to stop by ARTISTS SPACE!

They are having their annual Night of 1,000 Drawings exhibition to benefit Artists Space!

Lots of great art for sale for a great cause!

Choose from among more than 1,000 original works on paper by hundreds of emerging and acclaimed artists at this signature event to benefit Artists Space's dynamic, artist-centered programming!

Wednesday, November 8th, 5-10 pm
Admission $10
Original Drawings $35-$60
Open Bar 7:30-9 pm

38 Greene Street,
3rd Floor
New York, NY 10013
Phone: 212.226.3970
For more information, please visit

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Bizarre Bazaar!

I'll be at the Plainfield Town Hall today participating in the Blow-Me-Down Grange's annual Christmas Bazaar TODAY, Saturday November 4th, from 9am to 3pm. I will have over 450 necklaces on display! There will be fun, food and a hall packed full of beautiful hand made crafts! Please stop by if you are in the mood for a little craft shopping, you may find that special Christmas gift of your dreams! My fabulous friend Lynn will be there keeping me company, if things get quiet we will be performing our world famous circus act/comedy routine! :) Stop in! We'd love to see you!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Sneak Peek!

It snowed here yesterday!
It inspired me to make Snow Flake Medallions!
Here they are in their freshly baked state:

When these are finished they will be part of the Exalted Beauty Winter Holiday Medallion Collection. Stay tuned - I should have the collection completed by the end of November!

The Carnival of the Creators

Next Month I will be hosting The Carnival of the Creators!

The Carnival of the Creators is a monthly collection of links to blog posts about creative people and their work. They may be artists, craftspeople, novelists, musicians - in fact anyone who creates something original.To see more, go HERE

And please check out the creator of the carnival, my dear friend Derek,
See more of his beautiful work at his site: Seafoam Woodturning.

This month's Carnival of the Creators hostess will be amazing (and stunningly beautiful) jewelry designer Cyndi Lavin owner of Mazol Tov! Jewelry. Cyndi's blog is an informative work of art in itself - go check it out!

Enjoy! :) Amy

Friday, October 27, 2006

Medallion Parties!

I have Medallion Parties scheduled:
Friday, November 10th, 2006
Friday, November 17th, 2006
Friday, December 1st, 2006
If you would like an invitation to one of these events, or are interested in hosting your own medallion party before Christmas please let me know soon.
:) Amy

2 New Exalted Beauty Medallion Collections!

The Fall Flower Collection

The Autumn Round Collection

New Tapestry Paintings!

The Tapestry Painting Series:

The paintings in this series are: Mixed Media (Ink, Watercolor Pencil, Colored Pencil and Acrylic Glaze) on 140lb Watercolor Paper. Paper Size: 8.5" x 11", Image Size: 8" x 10".


Exalted Beauty Medallions on display in the annual Christmas Bazaar at the Blow-Me-Down Grange located in Plainfield Village on Saturday November 4th from 9am to 3pm.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Night of 1,000 Drawings!

I made the deadline for the Artists Space Night of 1,000 Drawings Exhibition!
I chose to submit single edition prints of the Wild Daisy Trio and The Gentleman Daisy from my Wildflower Painting Series:

Each print is an edition of 1, signed and numbered by the artist, printed on 140 pound archival watercolor paper and triple coated with Crystal Clear. Paper Size: 8.5" x 11", Image Size: 8" x 10".

The original paintings sell for $300, the single edition prints will be for sale at Artists Space for $35.
This is a great opportunity to support an amazing gallery! Artists Space was one of the first alternative spaces in New York, it was founded in 1972 to support contemporary artists working in the visual arts, including video, electronic media, performance, architecture and design. The mission of Artists Space is to encourage experimentation, diversity and dialogue in contemporary arts practice, provide an exhibition space for new art and artists, and foster an appreciation for the vital role that artists play in our community.


Night of 1,000 Drawings

A Benefit for Artists Space
Wednesday, November 8th, 5-10 pm

Admission $10
Original Drawings $35-$60
Open Bar 7:30-9 pm

38 Greene Street, 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10013
Phone: 212.226.3970
For more information, please visit