Friday, November 03, 2006

The Carnival of the Creators

Next Month I will be hosting The Carnival of the Creators!

The Carnival of the Creators is a monthly collection of links to blog posts about creative people and their work. They may be artists, craftspeople, novelists, musicians - in fact anyone who creates something original.To see more, go HERE

And please check out the creator of the carnival, my dear friend Derek,
See more of his beautiful work at his site: Seafoam Woodturning.

This month's Carnival of the Creators hostess will be amazing (and stunningly beautiful) jewelry designer Cyndi Lavin owner of Mazol Tov! Jewelry. Cyndi's blog is an informative work of art in itself - go check it out!

Enjoy! :) Amy

1 comment:

Cyndi L said...

Oh yeah, Amy, that's me. Just stunningly beautiful...LOL!! (Wanna see my halloween disguise?
You've been warned!)