Thursday, December 14, 2006

An Artist’s Dialogue

I have re-posted my book “Dissecting The Western Woman Artist: An Artist’s Dialog” in response to those of you requesting an *explanation* of my earlier work.

Dissecting The Western Woman Artist; An Artist's Dialogue
by Amy E. Fraser


Part 1. The Autopsy
- External Examination -

Chapter 1. Skin
The Truth and Power behind Female Nudity

Chapter 2. Muscle
Feminine Strength

Chapter 3. Vagina
Creativity and Feminine Multiplicity

Chapter 4. Breasts
Beauty, Power and Desire

- Internal Examination -

Chapter 5. Lungs
Breathing From the Artist’s Soul

Chapter 6. Heart
The Female Artist’s Emotional Center

Chapter 7. Intestines
The Primordial Being

Chapter 8. Stomach
Eating and Self Identity

Chapter 9. Uterus
Sacred Sexuality And Feminine Symbolism

Chapter 10. Menstrual Blood
A Woman’s Ancient Magic

Chapter 11. Skeleton
The Matrilineal Legacy of Feminine Knowledge

- Final Examination -

Chapter 12. Brain
Gendered Thought, Female Intellect and Feminine Consciousness



Enjoy! :) Amy

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