Friday, December 15, 2006

Bursts of Energy!

Here are some close up examples of the Exalted Beauty Winter Garden Medallions:

I shot these photos from this perspective to illustrate the physical depth and dimension of this collection. You can see here that these colorful new flowers are just exploding with lively petals! They seem to burst with happy energy!
I absolutely love the way the sunlight plays in this luminous clay! The centers of the flowers spark icy fire from the gorgeous Swarovski Crystals and the medallions sparkle throughout with a glittery metallic flame.

Perhaps these energetic floral medallions are just what we need to keep our attitudes bright in the long dark winter days ahead?

And don’t forget that each Exalted Beauty Medallion is an Amy E. Fraser original, one of a kind sculpture. Each exuberant creation is as beautiful, unique and individual as you are!

The Winter Garden Collection will be ready soon! Stay tuned!

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