Monday, December 18, 2006

Winter Garden Catalog Delay

I must apologize to those of you anticipating today’s arrival of the Exalted Beauty Winter Garden Medallion Catalog.
There has been a delay on the collection’s completion due to supplies that are currently unavailable.
I am deeply sorry; this is completely my fault as I hadn’t anticipated the Christmas shopper madness! I am so sorry!
I am still searching locally for the parts I need to complete the necklaces but if I do not find them in the next few days I will need to order them and shipping time will delay the catalog until the New Year.
Obviously, that will be much too late for even the last minute holiday shoppers, but please don’t despair!
There are still hundreds of beautiful medallions to choose from in the existing catalogs and you can find all kinds of fabulous Exalted Beauty Medallions as well as other Amy E. Fraser Original art gifts at the following retail locations:

Fine Facets
888 Brannan Street, Suite 2172
San Francisco, CA 94103

The Razzberry Kiss
Olde Nugget Alley
Hanover, NH

The Ranch
77 Etna Road
Lebanon, NH

387 Miracle Mile, Lebanon NH

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