Wednesday, February 28, 2007


What do the following images have in common?

Night Garden
By Maggie Taylor

Night Garden
By Robert Kushner

Night Garden
By Lynn Malin

Night Garden
By Carol Hoorn Fraser

Night Garden
By Susan Homer

Night Garden
By Kristine Wyler

They are all entitled *Night Garden* which is also going to be the theme and title of my first Botanical Bioform Subseries. I believe artists have explored the Night Garden concept throughout time because we are instinctively drawn to those primal feelings of *night*. The Night Garden appeals to those of who enjoy basking in the moonlight while we absorb the sights, sounds and smells of nature at night. It calls to those of us who still believe in and celebrate things that happen in *the dark*; magic, mystery and wonder. The Night Garden is the perfect place for dreams and imaginings.

The Botanical Bioform Night Garden paintings will be coming soon!

Saturday, February 24, 2007


A series or serial within a series (ie, a series or serial that always appears in conjunction with another, usually more comprehensive, series of which it forms a section). Its title may or may not be dependent on the title of the main series.

When we previously left off on the Thinking Wall discussion, I compared the Building Blocks to characters in a cast. I had hoped that by living with the drawings for a while, and re-thinking them in terms of sculpture it would encourage the images to *communicate* with me. Basically I needed time to determine what I was to create with this rather enormous and somewhat ambiguous Botanical Bioform concept that I feel so passionately about! :)

Well, you may have already determined from the *Subseries* title and definition above that I have in fact finally come to a decision/conclusion/epiphany about the
Botanical Bioform series. It dawned on me that my inspirations, interests and creative desires for the Botanical Bioform concept are diverse, sometimes conflicting, and that the original vision I had for its definition cannot be completely satisfied with one answer. In addition, I realized that this concept has already generated/inspired/spawned a collection of photographs, a collection of pen and ink drawings and a collection of Botanical Medallions. So, as a result of this *awakening*, I have decided to continue along this path, following the muse wherever she leads. In other words, I will now *CONSCIOUSLY* continue to do the subseries within the Botanical Bioform concept! Brilliant huh? Hindsight is 20/20 and all that! :) Anyway, at this point, I do plan to use the Building Block Drawings as inspiration for each new subseries (of drawings, paintings, photographs, medallions…whatever) so that the collections within the set (under the heading) of Botanical Bioforms will be held together by a general visual content and overall concept. I think that works for me. So that’s it for my Botanical Bioform update for now. Stay tuned for more Botanical Bioform Subseries! :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Now that I have completed the Building Block Drawings,
and thought the shapes through *three dimensionally* with the creation of the Exalted Beauty Botanical Medallions,
I am ready to move on to some painting!

I’m beginning the painting process by thinking about COLOR!!!

I have decided that I would like the Botanical Bioform paint palette to reflect nature’s true color spectrum. In order to accomplish this I thought it would be fun to start by digging through stacks of seed catalogs to collect some of the most delicious shades and combinations of color Mother Nature has to offer. I was so thrilled with what I found that I ended up compiling a batch of the best catalog clippings to create a large color inspiration chart. Beautiful, brilliant, colorful flowers! Some of Mother Nature’s finest art! I can’t wait to use this chart to mix the new paint glazes!

Here is a photo of the chart:

Are you inspired? :)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Calm After The Storm

We received 2 feet of snow yesterday!
Here are some photos from the back yard:

These look like abstract paintings don't they?

I am fascinated by the cold blue sunlight and the shadow patterns created by the trees on the fresh snow. Mother Nature is an amazing artist! Very inspirational! :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Botanical Medallions Are Coming Soon!

The Exalted Beauty Botanical Medallion Collection is coming soon!

To learn more about the Botanical Medallion Collection, read about my new painting series in progress:
Botanical Bioforms and check out the Building Block Drawings that inspired the new Exalted Beauty Botanical Medallions.
Click here to see more Exalted Beauty Medallions

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Carnival of the Creators #18!

Stop by Cyndi's blog Layers Upon Layers to check out the latest edition of the Carnival of the Creators! It's a great one! Very inspirational! Don't miss it! :)

BOTANICAL BIOFORMS: Botanical Medallions

The focus for the “New Project” was to encourage me to step outside the box and think about the Botanical Bioform Building Block drawings from a fresh perspective. As you now know, I decided one way to achieve this was by translating the Building Block drawings into Exalted Beauty Medallions. My primary concern for this exercise was to maintain the same qualities of line and textures created by the pen and ink drawings and translate them into 3 dimensional clay forms. While I like the look of the slick clean drawings, I didn’t want to create exact replicas of them. I wanted the medallions to feel a bit more messy and organic so I added the physical (and conceptual) element of seeding sand to create tension. I also included Swarovski Crystals and seed beads for the same purpose. I enjoy the challenge of making unrelated elements work together. I *think* the experiment was a success, but I will let you decide!

Here is a picture of the Botanical Medallions in progress:

As you can see from the photo, I choose to interpret the Building Block drawings by creating similar markings through carving and stippling which I then accentuated through staining and highlighting. I decided to keep the color subtle, in part because I especially enjoy this color palette, but more importantly because I did not want any of the colors chosen for these Botanical Medallions to subconsciously influence the upcoming Botanical Bioform painting series.

Side Note: this picture does not do the luminescent surface justice! In person, these glow and shine like the inside of a shell. To achieve this luminescent look, the medallions received 12 coats of metallic stain, paint and varnish since their *fresh from the oven* state seen in an earlier post. This process was obviously time consuming and tedious but I am SO happy with the results! They will now need a week or so to cure before I can begin to work on the backs.

In the meantime, I have ordered hundreds of new medallion boxes, as well as a fabulous selection of beautiful accent beads, including some natural colored Mother of Pearl beads that I think will be the *perfect* accents for the new Exalted Beauty Botanical Medallions! I can’t wait for the beads to arrive! Very exciting! I also hope to make it to the printers soon because I am in desperate need of more box and bag labels as well as business cards. I’m not looking forward to receiving that order because it means days and days of cutting sticky label paper! Boring business stuff, but it must be taken care of because on-line orders have been keeping me pretty busy already this year and the Exalted Beauty Medallion Party season is starting up very soon!

So that is what I will be up to!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Building Blocks Take Form!

Did You Guess?
I am making more Exalted Beauty Medallions! Of course!
I thought it might be an interesting challenge to try to interpret the two dimensional Botanical Bioform Building Block drawings into three dimensional medallions. I decided to use translucent polymer clay mixed with seeding sand. The sand was left over from the batch I used to seed the wildflower meadow this past fall, when the original *seed* for the Botanical Bioforms was first planted (in my brain). At the time, I thought this would be a fabulous tie in *conceptually*, but physically, it was very rough on my hands! :) Despite my extreme misery during the mixing and sculpting process, I must admit that I am very pleased with the final effect. There are surprising bits of sparkle, a range of neutral tones and texture throughout the clay. Also, since the gritty clay was much more challenging to work with, it forced me to loosen up and sort of let things happen. The result is an organic mix of line, texture and form. Very Botanical!

Here they are fresh from the oven:

I will keep you posted about their progression.
Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 02, 2007