Thursday, February 01, 2007

BOTANICAL BIOFORMS: Building Block Gallery

Click here to see the Botanical Bioform Building Block Gallery.

It has been brought to my attention that there may be some confusion as to the purpose of the Building Blocks, so I will do my best to explain...

The drawings presented in the Botanical Bioform Building Block Gallery are NOT sketches for 50 individual paintings. While they do look as though they could serve as the basis for something similar to the Floral Painting Series
, or the Tapestry Painting Series, they are not. In the Botanical Bioform series, I am attempting to create slightly more complex, concept based compositions that put weight on the emotional value of nature, rather then re-creating realistic botanical depictions of individual specimens. Let me present the idea in other terms; imagine the Building Blocks as individual objects/subjects to incorporate into something *else*, to *build* new images with. Visualize them as individual puzzle pieces that are necessary as a set to complete the final picture. Think of them as individual characters in a play that need each other to have a conversation with, to interact with, to create tension and emotion. In other words, the focus goes well beyond the individual drawings; the Building Block set has relevance as a set as much as individual characters are integral to a cast. For the final set of 50 drawings (my cast), I was looking for a variety of shape, form and texture as well as a well rounded spectrum of life cycle stages. The point was to compile a selection of natural objects that I felt complemented each other both conceptually and visually. In my mind, the Building Block set needed to work together as whole in order for the sub combinations to work together as part of the completed series: like individual scenes working together to reveal the plot. Does that help? :)

The completion of the Building Block drawings means (in theory) that I am ready to move on to the next stage in the process. However, the immediate plan for now is to leave them on the Thinking Wall to absorb the Building Blocks as individual objects until they start to communicate with each other. If you like the character metaphor; then imagine that I will be observing my cast getting to know one another, discovering which characters work best together, thinking about who will make an appearance in particular scenes, who will stand out as a star, who will be an extra? It is a lot to think about, so in the meantime, while my brain is still focused on the objects as individuals, I may have to start a new project… I’ll let you know!

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