Thursday, February 22, 2007


Now that I have completed the Building Block Drawings,
and thought the shapes through *three dimensionally* with the creation of the Exalted Beauty Botanical Medallions,
I am ready to move on to some painting!

I’m beginning the painting process by thinking about COLOR!!!

I have decided that I would like the Botanical Bioform paint palette to reflect nature’s true color spectrum. In order to accomplish this I thought it would be fun to start by digging through stacks of seed catalogs to collect some of the most delicious shades and combinations of color Mother Nature has to offer. I was so thrilled with what I found that I ended up compiling a batch of the best catalog clippings to create a large color inspiration chart. Beautiful, brilliant, colorful flowers! Some of Mother Nature’s finest art! I can’t wait to use this chart to mix the new paint glazes!

Here is a photo of the chart:

Are you inspired? :)

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