Saturday, February 24, 2007


A series or serial within a series (ie, a series or serial that always appears in conjunction with another, usually more comprehensive, series of which it forms a section). Its title may or may not be dependent on the title of the main series.

When we previously left off on the Thinking Wall discussion, I compared the Building Blocks to characters in a cast. I had hoped that by living with the drawings for a while, and re-thinking them in terms of sculpture it would encourage the images to *communicate* with me. Basically I needed time to determine what I was to create with this rather enormous and somewhat ambiguous Botanical Bioform concept that I feel so passionately about! :)

Well, you may have already determined from the *Subseries* title and definition above that I have in fact finally come to a decision/conclusion/epiphany about the
Botanical Bioform series. It dawned on me that my inspirations, interests and creative desires for the Botanical Bioform concept are diverse, sometimes conflicting, and that the original vision I had for its definition cannot be completely satisfied with one answer. In addition, I realized that this concept has already generated/inspired/spawned a collection of photographs, a collection of pen and ink drawings and a collection of Botanical Medallions. So, as a result of this *awakening*, I have decided to continue along this path, following the muse wherever she leads. In other words, I will now *CONSCIOUSLY* continue to do the subseries within the Botanical Bioform concept! Brilliant huh? Hindsight is 20/20 and all that! :) Anyway, at this point, I do plan to use the Building Block Drawings as inspiration for each new subseries (of drawings, paintings, photographs, medallions…whatever) so that the collections within the set (under the heading) of Botanical Bioforms will be held together by a general visual content and overall concept. I think that works for me. So that’s it for my Botanical Bioform update for now. Stay tuned for more Botanical Bioform Subseries! :)

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Miachelle said...

Have you considered submitting these as a project idea for Bead & Button magazine, or even Art Jewelry? You may have, and I just haven't read far enough into your blog. I think you should.

I looked at your last years' catalog before, and the painted medallions are beautiful, but something about the unpainted medallions really calls to me. Perhaps because I have an affinity for ivory scrimshaw, and the unpainted version reminds of carved ivory.