Monday, March 26, 2007

Botanical Inspiration: Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali’s Botanical Surrealism:

Click here to learn more about Salvador Dali

Click here to learn more about Amy E. Fraser’s series in progress: Botanical Bioforms


Miachelle said...

When I was stationed in Germany, the theater that was located on the US kaserne we turned back over to the German government was turned into a "Kultur Haus." We were still allowed to put on our performances in the main theater. In a different section of the building, the Germans turned it into an art exhibition area. The first big exhibition was a Salvadore Dali exhibit. I went to it, and it was wonderful! They had a number of his sketches, his skulptures, and of course some of his more famous paintings. I think of all the pieces there, I loved the sketches the most. I loved seeing the foundation of creativity, as opposed to the finished pieces.

I still have not made a piece yet with the pendant. I have two customer orders I need to fill, and after the fashion show last week, I'm still catching up on homework that I fell behind on. I haven't forgotten, and I will make a piece with your pendant.

bob said...