Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cat Sculpture

Some of you have expressed an interest in seeing more of my *old* work so today I thought I would share a sculpture I made in 1999.

This sculpture is made from air dry clay, with out armatures, covered in heavy layers of copper automotive paint and industrial strength varnish. 24" H x 8" W x 24" L.This piece is the third version on a similar theme inspired by my very devilish cat “Mr. Kitty” (1991-2005). If you didn’t know my cat personally, then trust that this sculpture was a fairly accurate depiction of his form and personality.

Side Note: Mr. Kitty destroyed the first two versions of this sculpture.


Princess Haiku said...

These really capture the way that cats move and the essence of their personality. Very interesting.

Derek Andrews said...

Hi Amy, I don't think you were feeding it enough:)