Thursday, March 01, 2007

Night Garden Musings

At this point, I imagine that the Night Garden images will be fairly simple, somewhat graphic compositions of botanicals in moonlit (or night) settings with a Zen-like essence. I seem to be leaning toward an Illustrative, perhaps slight Art Nouveau/Surrealistic/Fantasy style for this subseries that has exhibited itself in some of my previous work (Most recently the Exalted Beauty Series). This isn’t what I originally had in mind for the Botanical Bioform series but it is what happened when I put pen to paper, so I’ve decided to go ahead and follow the muse (my subconscious) to see where the Night Garden subseries leads.

While working on the Night Garden paintings I ask myself; how are the Night Garden paintings going to be different from the paintings in my previous Tapestry, Floral, Decorative Botanical and Wildflower series?

And what can I do differently with floral subjects to create and convey new meaning and interest?

Essentially I am striving to create compositions that change how we see things. I think that by re-envisioning the setting (putting the objects in an unusual time and space), it will add weight and significance to the Botanical Bioform objects, thus re-establishing them as symbols, evoking emotion and encouraging meaning. I want to create more then a pretty botanical depiction, I want to create images that make you think. I would like the viewer to be led to consider the cycles of life and re-birth, to contemplate the pregnancy of a heavy seed pod, to wonder over these small, fleeting moments in time and to celebrate Mother Nature’s power and purpose in the universe and over our own lives.

This is obviously a difficult challenge so be prepared to witness the good, the bad and the ugly because I do plan to share all the resulting paintings with you (regardless of, or in spite of, my opinions about their outcome). This project was designed to force me to do things that take me out of my comfort zone, so I am doing my best to have faith in the fact that I am learning all kinds of wondrous new things and growing as an artist and as a person by accepting the consequences of my subconscious’s desires. Wish me luck! And please, by all means, feel free to share your opinions with me!

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