Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bead Selection: 2007-2008 Color Trends

It has now become obvious that the clay is calling to me, so as usual, I must follow the muse wherever she leads. It looks like I will be making more Exalted Beauty Medallions while I’m taking a break from the Botanical Bioform concept. I think the change of medium may help me to gain the renewed perspective I am seeking for the new painting subseries.

I am going to move toward this new collection of Exalted Beauty Medallions from the perspective of color. I do not have a theme or concept just yet so this time I think I will take a more *practical* approach and mix my clay color to match my existing accent beads. Brilliant huh? Well, I seriously have enough beads in stock to fill a small bead store so I think that it would be wiser (and more economical) to use what I already have rather then buying new accent beads to match my new clay colors.

I currently have an abundance of beads in all shapes and sizes in the following shades:

Lucky for me these beads just happen to match these color swatches from the Fire Mountain Gems 2007-2008 Color Forecast Guide! Fire Mountain Gems has been studying leading industry color forecasts, pouring over thousands of fashion magazines and viewing runway shows to bring us the hot colors for the upcoming 2007-2008 fashion seasons. So I am going to trust their judgment and use their color predictions as a starting point. I'll let you know what I come up with! :)

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