Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Beetles As Religious Symbols

Beetles have been worn as symbolic religious pendants since the Paleolithic Era. They have played a part in humanities collective unconscious since time was first recorded through the art of adornment. Beetle pendants began as sacred icons symbolizing the magical powers of the Shamans. In many shamanic societies, there are series of myths relating the creation of world to beetles, giving the insect the status of a god/goddess. The beetle continued to have a place of importance in early Buddhism and Taoism and reached the height of popularity and cultural worth in Ancient Egypt with its dominant status as god icon and symbol for birth, life, death and rebirth. To this day, it is said that Egyptian and Sudanese women believe that the dried and powdered beetles, ingested in water, act as conception charms.

Here are some beautiful examples of Ancient Egyptian Scarab pendants:

Throughout history the beetle has been a symbolic image of great esteem, held in the highest regard. It has symbolized many powerful things, most significantly renewal and regeneration. In contemporary times the beetle icon is often associated with enlightenment, an *awakening* and the unconscious. That’s a pretty intriguing and amazing symbol, don’t you think?

More information about Beetles As Religious Symbols can be found HERE.

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