Monday, April 23, 2007

Darkling Beetles

After completing the Night Garden painting series I began to get a lot of requests for more dragonfly and butterfly medallions. So my *plan* was to create a new collection of pretty insects, however, as I flipped through my animal books for inspiration I became extremely intrigued with the idea of focusing on a creature a lot less *glamorous*, the Darkling Beetle. I realize the Darkling Beetle is not a particularly distinctive or showy insect, or even celebrated like the Lady Bug or Scarab Beetles are, but they are a creature I feel connected to. The Darklings (or a beetle that looks like the one shown below) are something I became VERY familiar with while building the 315 foot stone wall and stepping stone path in my wildflower meadow. There was at least one Darkling Beetle to be found under every rock I picked up! Eeeeks! Okay, so I’m a bit ashamed to admit that for a while, every time they made their appearance, it set my primitive instincts into gear making my heart race. But interest and fascination quickly overcame those fears and I grew to enjoy them as I watched them comically meander off in a sleepy stupor to search for new dark places. I grew to appreciate them. Who could resist a being that causes you fear, admiration for its beauty and humors you with it’s physical comedy?

Check out this photo of my latest fascination:

If you would like some buggy inspiration – check out this site.There are lots of amazing macrophotos of beetles from different families.
Mother Nature is a fabulous designer don’t you think?

Beautiful, intriguing, inspirational. I certainly felt inspired!
These say *medallions* to me! :)
What do you think of an Exalted Beauty Darkling Medallion Collection?
Well get ready because it is on its way!


Miachelle said...

I can see some really small jump rings being used to make a chain, leading into what would be the antennae. Perhaps using some niobium (did I spell that right) jump rings, to mimic the rainbow colors of the shell. I would use somethign like a Paradigm chain to mimic the antennae, and then change to a different chain maille link, perhaps maybe even changint to a sterling silver jump ring chain....hmmm....

Literary Bohemian said...

How fun! Mother nature truly is an artist. I can't wait to see what this beetle inspires.