Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fish Medallions!

So are you ready for the Exalted Beauty Fish Medallions?

Here they are!

This is the complete collection of 42 Fish fresh from the oven:

And here they are stained, highlighted and then quadruple coated in metallic varnish:

And this is what they look like with the backs completed:

I am so pleased with how these Fish Medallions turned out! I absolutely love the clay color and I am thrilled with how the stains enhanced the sculptural aspects. The Fish were so much fun to make! I think the enjoyment I experienced making them is truly reflected in each piece. These definitely qualify as fun and funky! I have a feeling that the Exalted Beauty Fish Medallions will appeal to a very select group of bold and adventurous fashion divas. :)

The Exalted Beauty Fish Medallion catalog will be ready for release tomorrow. Stop back here in the morning because I'm letting Exalted Beauty blog readers have first dibs! :)

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