Friday, April 27, 2007

Serving Fresh Baked Darklings!

Here is an overview of my new Darkling Medallion collection fresh from the oven:

Here is a closer view:

Uh, so I guess I went a little crazy with this collection? Somehow I ended up making 100 Darklings! Oh My. I was so completely captivated by the design possibilities and variations of the beetle form that I just couldn’t seem to stop making them!

I am not sure if you can tell from the *fresh from the oven* photos above, but I did not end up sticking to the Darkling beetle example shown on Monday. Instead, the medallions evolved into a whole new family of creatures that *could be* part of the extensive Darkling family (or at least they are in my imagination). Overall, my goal was to create a decorative, sculptural depiction of a meaningful symbol, while still capturing the essential aspects of the living creature that I respect and admire. I feel like I have accomplished this, but now, looking at them from a fresh perspective, I am afraid they may have turned out to be a bit too *creepy* for my regular customer base. Sorry ladies! Sometimes I just have to follow that muse!

In the future, it might help if I remind myself that just because *I* would wear something, it doesn’t mean that everyone else would. Oh well. My concept of beauty is often invested in meaning as well as appearance. Besides, I kind of like the fact that these medallions will stop people in their tracks. Maybe you will too? I’ll let you decide when you get a better look. I will post some close ups of the Darkling Medallions soon.

Come back – if you dare! :)


Miachelle said...

I went to my supply store this morning to get some jump rings (Lonnie's, Inc.), and one of the ladies there was wearing a scarab. She said she loves Egyptian things. I pointed her your direction...she seemed interested.

Lori Greenberg said...

Holy smokes. Love 'em! Do you ever sleep? :)