Thursday, April 26, 2007

Symbolic Beetle Painting

In observance of the beetle theme this week, I have decided to present another one of my *Old Works* from 1997 (which of course features beetles).

This piece is untitled, so for now we will refer to it as the Symbolic Beetle Painting (circa 1997):


Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas board.

This painting illustrates of the use of beetle symbolism, representing the cycle of life. If you remember reading my
BEAUTIFUL DEATH post back in January, then you know I am deeply intrigued with the life cycle. What others may find as dark, creepy or disturbing, I often see as *interesting*. What you see, is all in how you look at it. :)

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting some Darklings tomorrow!

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Literary Bohemian said...

I have a thing for cemetaries and I'm also intrigued by blood..... does that make me weird? Maybe, but hey, us "through a glass darkly" gals gotta stick together right?

Not only do I love your artwork, I'm also diggin' your blog and have put you on my creative inspirations list....