Monday, May 14, 2007

Exalted Beauty Party!

After a four month break I’m finally starting the medallion party season back up with a bang! I have a very exciting Exalted Beauty Medallion Party happening this Friday night at Rosalie’s so I’ll be spending a hectic week getting organized! Oh the chaos that ensues when off in production mode! Oh dear, silly me, I always forget that I actually have to make records for and package all of these crazy medallions! I have been having so much fun making the medallions that I forgot about the *rest* of it. UGH! So it looks like I will be quite busy tying up collections, prepping boxes and bags and deciding on which medallions to bring to the party and which ones will stay here on the racks… decisions, decisions! :)

In the meantime, while I am busy slaving away, please enjoy the photos and discussion about my *living painting* in progress. I plan to take plenty of photos of what’s growing in the meadow and posting the flowers here as they happen. I think the wildflower images and information will prove to be very inspiring!

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