Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Pearl Blossom Collection

Did you guess?
Of course you did! You just knew I was making another Exalted Beauty Medallion collection, didn’t you? :)

This time I decided to appease the ladies who ran screaming from the DARKLING collection. It became apparent that I needed to *restrain* the muse for a bit and do a little beep boop bop in the old computer brain. After some rope burn and a bit of choking on the rubber ball gag I was able to take a more practical approach to this collection (kidding). Uh back to the computer brain analogy: So, I plugged in a touch of FROST, a hint of FLORAL, a bit of BOTANICAL, added a symbolic pearl element as well as whole lot of carving, resulting in (beep boop bop):

The Exalted Beauty Pearl Blossom Medallion collection!

Here are some views of the new Pearl Blossoms fresh from the oven:

So? What do you think?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful and so unique! Thanks for all your info on pearl symbolism. I love pearls.