Friday, May 11, 2007

Pearl Blossoms

Here is a picture of the finished white Pearl Blossom Medallions:

A close up of some of the white pieces illustrating their pearly wonderment:

And this is a shot of the rest of the fabulous Pearl Blossom shades:

If you weren’t *in tune* with the beep boop bop of my computer brain analogy earlier this week (I can’t be the only one who speaks cartoon, can I?), then let me more clearly express my goal for the Pearl Blossom collection. The intention was to create new designs based on a combination of key elements from popular past Exalted Beauty Medallion collections but with a new twist. Overall, I was shooting for something clean, fresh and feminine with pretty, monochromatic colors and simple design details. I’m very happy with the results! I think the pearlescent finish looks sweet, sexy and shiny, while the gold staining gives them an edge, alluding to a history and authenticity that says *vintage* but not.

The Exalted Beauty Pearl Blossom Medallion catalog is coming soon!

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