Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stacked Racks!

So have you been imagining how I can store 400 Exalted Beauty Medallions in only 4” of space? Well the answer is quite simple really, Build Up! Check out this photo of my new stacked racks:

Side Detail:

The Mr. recently built this rack for me on an unusual kitty corner in my studio. Some plywood, a couple of 2 x 4’s, a length of conduit, and a few box connectors and Walla! Fabby huh? :) He managed to find most of the parts and pieces right here at the house so the cost was minimal.

This stacked racked design has already proven to be the most efficient storage method for my hundreds of unboxed medallions so far. Not only does it save me a lot of studio space but the stacked racks have worked fabulously as a collection organizer. This storage unit has also been a great time saver. Having all of the medallions immediately available on display has enabled me to find on-line orders much more quickly. Yay! Good job Mr.!

Well okay, so it isn’t all that *pretty* yet but it could be more attractive if it was painted or even topped off with a cabinet door? Just throwing out ideas here! Maybe it will inspire you to come up your own space saving storage system?

What do you do for storage and stock organization between shows?


Miachelle said...

I used to use a large burgundy velvet hat box, but that wasn't working. So, I went boring-I opted for a roll-up case (necklaces) and a zip case (earrings). I keep all my stuff packed and ready in one of those rolling cases you can buy from Costco-it has my sales receipt book, my credit card swiper, my company banner, two mirrors, tax paperwork, and more than I can type here in this space!

Miachelle said...

PS. I like your hubby's conction by the way...very ingenious and simple.

Professor Howdy said...

Hello there!
Are we having fun yet?
Your posting was clamant
& the pics were refulgent.
Thank you - Have a good day!!!