Thursday, May 10, 2007


Here are some pictures of the first arrivals to my Wildflower Meadow, Anemone Blanda 'Blue Shades':

Also known as Windflower, Grecian Windflower or Greek Anemone.

Today I am sharing a perfect example of one of the trials and tribulations faced during the creation of my *living painting*. A few seasons ago I planted 600 of the *Mixed Shades* Anemone Blanda tubers in my meadow path only to discover later that the packaging was misleading and these plants preferred Zone 5 and above. Argh! We are in Zone 4 and in a snow belt to boot! My lesson? I learned to do extensive research before I invested in anything further. :)

However, I have been rewarded with the survival of a few of these stunning little gems. They really make me happy. I just love their clean classic daisy shape. It appears that the Blue Shades are a bit heartier then the other colors because they have been the only ones willing to brave our cold climate and grace us with their simple beauty.

Side Note: Don’t plant a wildflower meadow if you have really small children. I discovered (after the fact) that many of the common wildflower plants are poisonous.

Here is the warning about Anemone Blanda: All parts are poisonous when fresh, but toxic only if eaten in large quantities. Symptoms include inflammation and blistering upon contact with fresh sap and irritation of the mouth, vomiting and diarrhea following ingestion.

Knowing I know this makes you kind of weary of my cooking doesn’t it?

Well not to worry, the Pearl Blossoms are perfectly safe! Come back tomorrow and I’ll show you some close ups photos of the finished pieces.


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