Monday, June 04, 2007

First Year Wildflower Meadow

Here are some shots of our first year of the Wildflower Meadow (2005):

Check out all of those trees! You may also notice that we have since added a porch (as well as a number of other things). Click HERE to see the *living painting* today. Quite a difference huh?

Well, it appears the flowers aren’t growing as fast as I would like, so I plan to incorporate photographs of flowers from the Wildflower Meadow from previous seasons into this week’s posts. Yes, I will be distracting you with pretty pictures of flowers while I work on the drawings/concept for the next project. I will fill you in as soon as I work it out! Thanks for being so patient. I hope you enjoy seeing my of my floral photography in the meantime.


Miachelle said...

Good morning! I just posted this morning about the Exalted to you later!

Lori Greenberg said...

Amy, I am loving your wildflower meadow series. I'm learning a lot (not that I'll remember any of it) but it is so refreshing to see all of the green and trees since moving to the desert of Arizona 10 years ago.