Saturday, June 23, 2007

Party Report

Hey Everyone!
I’m checking in with the Exalted Beauty Medallion Party Report! Last night’s party hostess was Susie, my most fabulous Mother In Law and long term medallion supporter (read: Medallion Junkie). As usual, she went all out and put together a fabulous spread of delicious delights. Thank you Susie!

Susie is THE party expert – a true hostess with the mostess. We had a really nice time and I was able to set up in one of my favorite party spots – Susie’s Sun Room! It is a really pretty space with lots of light and a great backdrop for the medallions. I actually remembered to bring my camera this time but I forgot to bring the artwork that I usually include in my medallion presentation! Argh. Oh well, I suppose everyone who was there is already extremely familiar with my art but...

Anyway, despite the missing display items and my overwhelming need to get some table cloths – I finally took some pictures. These are just some quick pre-party shots to give you a general idea of the Exalted Beauty Medallion party set up. I know – lots to improve upon, but I usually have only about an hour and a half for set up and I display 500 necklaces so… Excuses excuses! Whatever! :)
Here are the display photos:

The beautiful model seen above is my divine Mother In Law Susie. I am behind the camera - suddenly realizing that I have yet to straighten all the boxes!

Exalted Beauty Representative Lynn was unable to attend last night’s event (because she is in Florida!) and she was sorely missed by all! Lynn has a true skill when it comes to picking just the right medallion for each person and we count on her esteemed advisory skills as well as her comedic talents! Everyone wish Lynn a VERY Happy Birthday today! Yay! 29 AGAIN! (Hey Lynn-e you betta be there next time or I’m not sharing my secret Nuts-n-Berries recipe with the Slip-n-Slide crew!)

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Lynne said...

Ahme, the pics look great and I love the new displays. You really go all out for your hostesses. So sorry I missed the party ladies but Florida was fabulous and I had a great birthday... See you soon!