Thursday, June 07, 2007

Plains Coreopsis

Here are some photos of some of my Plains Coreopsis:

These flowers are bright, fun and floaty, and they last all spring to the very end of summer. I have loved seeing them the past few years but I am afraid they will dwindle off in the meadow as the perennials take over. Plants like the Ox-Eyed Daisy colonize quickly and I can already tell they have a strong hold on the Wildflower Meadow. But that’s okay – I love the Daisies too and I have opted for the *Survival of the Fittest* method of gardening. I’m letting Mother Nature decide the course. Besides, I seem to keep finding new places to extend the Wildflower Meadow so it seems I may always have some annuals in bloom – somewhere! I have very high hopes for a great annual display on the backyard bank. That is if the recent violent rain storms didn’t drown, or wash out those tiny little wildflower seeds (argh!), but there are already tons of sprouts coming up so I remain optimistic about their overall survival. Very exciting! I expect some Plains Coreopsis on the back bank by the fourth of July! I’ll keep you posted.

Speaking of the 4th of July – I will be participating in the 18th Annual Art Show at the Plainfield Town Hall (July 1st-4th). More information on that soon! In the meantime – I better get back to work so I can have new paintings to exhibit!


Polka Dot Creations said...

Your flower photos are just beautiful! I've been enjoying them. I would love to have a wildflower meadow myself, but I lack the interest in doing any gardening to actually accomplish that ;-)

Miachelle said...

"Prickly Beauty" is finished. :-)