Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Shades of Yellow-Orange

Today’s Wildflower Meadow presentation is various shades of yellow to orange from previous seasons:

Seeing this set of Yellow-Orange Wildflowers together is probably a bit overwhelming here on the screen but in person these are the big color makers of the meadow. These beautiful bright sunny colors can be spotted from great distances and they seem to really attract the bees and butterflies.

Speaking of the Yellow-Orange shades, we had some heavy rains right after I planted the seeds for my new *Sunflower Fence* last week and it looked like one end of the new garden was washed out. We live on the side of a mountain; the water takes the path of least resistance, which just happened to be the new Sunflower bed! Argh. Not much had sprouted and the wash out looked pretty bad, so of course I panicked and went out to buy more seeds. I had a *vision* after all! I had already begun daydreaming about creating an entire series of Sunflower paintings this Fall… oh dear. Anyway so the (ever so patient) Mr. was nice enough to install a drainage system that would redirect the flow of the water away from the new Sunflower bed. By the time I went out to plant the new seeds a few of the washed out sections had sprouted. Yay! So instead of trying to replant the washed out section I just added a fourth row (keeping my fingers crossed). I’m almost ashamed to admit how happy I am about the Sunflowers – but they really are an awesome site when planted in mass. And I think the variety I have planted will be amazing together. There are probably about 10 types of Sunflowers planted in shades ranging from lemon yellow all the way to blood red with plenty of orange in-between! Autumn Beauty, Mammoth, Evening Sun, Del Sol, Chianti… the list goes on! It’s very exciting and I can’t wait to see what comes up.

And since we are talking about planting inspiration for a new painting series I also (impulsively) decided to plant lots of Poppies this weekend! I over seeded the Sunflower section with Sunset Mix California Poppies (and planted an individual pot of them next to the vegetable garden as well). The Sunset Mix contains creams, yellows, pinks, reds and oranges. I think they will make a nice compliment to the similarly toned Sunflowers but I’m not really sure what will happen. At the very least, I’m hoping they will entertain me while I am waiting for my beloved Sunflowers to grow. I also planted some larger perennial Iceland Poppies in similar shades on the back bank. I may have planted them too late in the year to see flowers this season but everything else seems to be sprouting out there nicely, so I figured why not give them a shot? If all goes well I’ll have more inspiration then I can handle!

Speaking of paintings… I better get back to work! I’m sorry to tease you and not let you in on the details of my upcoming project but I have literally had one disaster and dilemma after another and I’m still not 100% sure of what I’m doing yet. I’m still working it out but I’ll need to do so quickly if I’m going to submit something new to the 18th Annual Art Show that opens July 1st! I promise to let you know soon! :)


Betzie said...

Love your flowers Amy! I posted some of mine recently too...hope you'll come over and visit me.
Good luck on your new project. I've been making some new things too...just for fun.
Take care!

Miachelle said...

Hurray for patient Mr.'s...what would we do without them?

Hope you gind your "happy" spot, regarding your paintings.


cristie said...

Love your sunflower artwork. Please come visit our website at http://www.sunflowerocity.com and post your favorites in our gallery. We'll be launching by end of June. Thanks!