Thursday, June 21, 2007

Square 2 [The Garden Room]

Presenting "Square 2" from The Garden Room painting series:

Square 2
Amy E. Fraser
Mixed Media Painting (Black Ink and Acrylic Paint) on 8.25” x 8.25” 110#, Acid Free, Archival Drawing Paper.

The Garden Room paintings are a series of bright and colorful botanical/floral compositions featuring the
Botanical Bioform Building Blocks.

HERE to learn more about The Garden Room.

HERE to learn more about the Botanical Bioform concept.

1 comment:

Miachelle said...

I love the paintings-I can't wait to see all 33 posted on your website! (and knowing that you'll make medallions eventually based off these paintings...even more exciting!)

My mother used to draw when I was a child-it's how I got started. Her mediums were pen and ink, and pastels, and she was phenomenal at combining the two. I should take a photo of one of the few pix of hers that I have in my home. I wonder if somewhere down the road experimenting with combining colored pen and ink and pastels might provide the effect you are looking for? Just an idea in reading about your creative painting dilemma.

As usual, wonderful work! We are blessed.