Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July Report!

The Parade was a hit this year boasting an audience of a thousand people or more! The floats were great and the kids had a blast. The art show was packed and while I am seriously regretting NOT having a medallion table this year I think the overall show was a big success; Great Local Exposure. Instead of selling medallions, I was able to spend a lovely day with my friends and family and take a much needed break.

Here is a picture of my painting wall in case you were unable to attend the show:

I have more Art Exhibition deadlines coming up; the Cornish Fair, the 118th Annual NAWA Exhibition, the Philip Read Memorial Library fundraiser and more medallion parties scheduled then I can think about so I better get back to work!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!
Check back in tomorrow and I will reveal the inspiration for my next Exalted Beauty Medallion Collection!

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Miachelle said...

Congrats on your exhibit! Your paintings are always so terrific.