Monday, July 30, 2007

Exalted Beauty: Madeleine

Exalted Beauty: Madeleine

By Amy E. Fraser
Mixed Media Painting (Black Ink and Acrylic Paint) on 18” x 24” Masonite.

I have just completed a brand new Exalted Beauty painting!
I was inspired to revisit the Exalted Beauty painting series because I wanted to submit something really unique to the upcoming National Association of Women Artists Members Show. As most of you know, it has been a while; I set this painting series aside back in 2005 due to the time and space constraints that occurred between building/moving into our new house and with the demands of full time stay at home Motherhood. Well, a few years have passed; things have settled into more of a routine with Caden and I’ve had this beautiful new studio space for about a year now… So, with no *real* excuses (ha ha - other then a chronic lack of time), I decided to put myself to the test. I’m so glad I did! The new piece *Madeleine* looks a bit different then the first 4, because of a change of scale and medium, but overall I’m pretty pleased with the result. And now I’ve learned that I actually *can* complete the rest of the series *IF* I can learn to be less frustrated with the short bursts of frequently interrupted work time. In other words, I may wait until Kindergarten starts before I attempt another Exalted Beauty painting! But in the meantime – I will be celebrating the fact that one more Exalted Beauty is completed!

If you would like to see this painting in person, please go to the The
National Association of Women Artists 118th Annual Exhibition! It will be held at the very beautiful Monroe Center for the Arts in Hoboken, NJ this year, September 9 – 30, 2007. The Opening Reception is Sunday, September 9th, 12 noon to 5pm.

National Association of Women Artists is a not-for-profit organization based in New York City. Founded in 1889, N.A.W.A. is the oldest professional women's fine arts organization in the United States, continually providing a forum for women artists to share ideas and exhibit their work. N.A.W.A. is dedicated to promoting women artists of all backgrounds and traditions through exhibitions, professional programs and its historic archive. N.A.W.A. offers members the opportunity to participate in curated and juried exhibitions in New York City and nationwide in addition to competing for exhibition awards totaling upwards of $10,000 annually.

Click HERE if you would like a closer look at my new painting "EXALTED BEAUTY: MADELEINE"

And click HERE if you want to go to the main Exalted Beauty Gallery to discover the names of the rest of the Exalted Beauties!

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Miachelle said...

I love "Madeleine," what a beautiful painting! Congratulations, you deserve your recognition.