Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Fawns

Stopping in to take a little nature break.
Thought I’d share some pictures of the fawns:

These two came romping down my newly structured bank to play in the backyard next to Caden’s swing set. It was adorable! They bounce around like they have springs in their feet! Sadly, I wasn’t fast enough with the camera to catch the *playground* shot, and I barely captured these pictures before mom stomped her warning and sent these two scrambling back into the forest. They sure are cute but they seem to have a taste for my newly sprouted wildflowers!

In other backyard news, my adorable pal the porcupine hasn’t shown up the past few nights. I’m sad because he was a regular here for a while. After spotting a Fisher Cat yesterday I suspect I know what happened to him. Evil weasel!

So should I start writing a wildlife soap opera or what? The Days of our Wild Lives? The Bold and the Wild? As The Wild World Turns? Yeah… I better get back to work!

The Exalted Beauty Amulet Medallion Catalog will be available tomorrow!

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