Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Going, Going, Gone!

Last Night’s Exalted Beauty Medallion party was another fabulous success! Moni’s home was stunning, as was the delightfully perky hostess in her favorite shade of PINK, and not only that, the woman is a gourmet cook! She whipped up some scrumptious appetizers with the ease and results of a professional chef. Truly amazing! There was a great crowd and many enjoyed Lynn’s previously requested *Nuts and Berries* beverages. It was very apparent that everyone had a fabulous time! Even if it did end in a bizarre trip down memory lane… I totally stick by my claim of amnesia! :)

Anyway, the Sparkling Elegance collection is almost gone and the Amulets also did very well once again. And, as with Julie’s party, I was seeing a tendency toward abstracts and less interest in the floral medallions. I will be keeping this in mind for the creation of future collections. In fact I think I may have bored my newly booked Medallion Party Hostess Heather with this line of thought when she asked what I would do next!

Side Note: I am extremely happy to report that last night’s medallion party threw my SOLD pieces over the 1000 mark! Well, okay, so don’t be too excited for me, MANY of those SOLD pieces were actually hostess gifts! But I don’t pay booth fees for home parties so it evens out. Overall, I think the numbers are pretty surprising considering I just discovered polymer clay 20 months ago! Uh, but I also might mention that there are still 984 UNSOLD pieces still sitting here in the studio… just ask the Mr. He gets this sadly resigned look on his face every time I tell him I absolutely have to make another new collection!

So that’s it for my party report! If I had more time I would share some very *memorable* moments, some involving partial nudity. But I’ll have to leave you guessing because I have a busy day ahead. I’ll be attempting to finish my painting for NAWA today. Technically, I could have until the 30th, but we have a packed weekend ahead starting with a trip to the beach tomorrow, our 10 year anniversary on Friday, and family in from out of town on both sides… so fun and crazy times ahead – no time to paint!

I’ll check back in as soon as I can!

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Miachelle said...

Congratulations on a job well done!