Friday, July 06, 2007

Inspiration From Man Land

Man Land is a space in the basement (otherwise known as the boiler/tool room) that is my husband’s domain. I normally stay out of this space because I do not have a real interest in the equipment it contains, despite the fact that I am told by all men who gaze upon it’s glory that it is a very fine work of art indeed. However, this week I suddenly had the notion to create some really contemporary industrial style medallions, so I thought I would invade Man Land to steal some sharp and shiny looking tools, gadgets and hardware to use as inspiration. It’s a wonder what you will discover when looking at the world from a fresh perspective. I most definitely found the inspiration I was looking for, but the resulting direction was not at all what I was anticipating.

Stay tuned! I think you will be as surprised as I was by what happened next!

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Miachelle said...


Do I smell an opportunity for collaboration again? Sounds like a great centerpiece for more chain maille! I most definitely will be peeking back!