Monday, July 23, 2007

Party Report!

Friday’s Exalted Beauty Medallion party was a tremendous success in spite of our courageous hostesses’ 102 fever. Oh dear! I personally would have cancelled but Julie was AMAZING! She served up some fabulous appetizers and beverages, looked stunning and was as charming as ever, but it was apparent that by the end of the night, the event had really taken it’s toll. Poor Julie was a real trooper! A SUPER HUGE thank you to my Wonder Woman hostess! You Rock!

The Sparkling Elegance collection and the Amulet medallions went very well but there was also a big interest in the Black collection. Overall, it seems as though the abstract shapes fared much better then the florals. My *Buy Three Get A Round Free* was a great motivator once again. Many said they were only planning to buy one and left with four instead! It seemed as though many medallions were purchased for future Christmas gifts. Smart thinking ladies!

I also booked another party for September in Orford at the Beauty Salon. That will be so much fun! What great display opportunities!

And after all that fun and excitement, my partner, Exalted Beauty Representative Lynn and I had an unpleasant surprise. A tire blew out on the Exalted Beauty Mobile, on the highway, in the pitch black! Oh My! Thank goodness Expert Driver Lynn was at the wheel while she executed a text book landing. Yay Lynn! Your awesome! We were very lucky to miss the 100 foot wall of rock and the guard rail! As well as non stop train of 18 wheelers! Unfortunately, and embarrassing to admit, the vehicle and I were not prepared for such a scenario. Argh! So lucky for us, it was the Mr. to the rescue! He’s a tire man from way back so he had the situation under control right away! A great big thanks to the Mr. for driving the almost two hour round trip (with Wild Monkey Child in tow) to save us! My Hero! :)

So that’s the Julie Party Report!

I have Mony’s Exalted Beauty Medallion party tomorrow night!

And somehow, in between, I’ll be working on a brand new painting for the 118th Annual Exhibition of The National Association of Women Artists! The postmark deadline for what I plan to submit is July 30th! So I better hurry!

If you are interested in attending the upcoming NAWA event, it will be held at the Monroe Center of the Arts, in Hoboken, NJ. The exhibition is open September 9th through September 30th. I’ll provide more information on my new painting and the NAWA event very soon!

Wish me luck!

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