Monday, July 09, 2007

Unexpected Results

When I first approached my latest Exalted Beauty Medallion collection it was with the intention of creating something sharp and contemporary. I wanted to compose a collection that felt sleek, industrial and very modern. But what came out of me was completely different and unexpected. Somehow my subconscious took over when I sat down with my shiny new tools, and the resulting medallions were not Industrial or Modern. Instead they felt reminiscent of timeless magical relics, powerful and sacred, resembling ancient amulets rediscovered from a lost culture. For me, they call to mind the words; antiquity, native, primitive, medieval and symbolic.

Here are the new Exalted Beauty Amulet Medallions fresh from the oven:

I’m working on a finish that highlights the details while making them feel a bit more ancient. I’m really excited about how they are coming along. I’ll share the results with you tomorrow!

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