Friday, August 10, 2007

Poppy Perfection

Here are some more photos of my Icelandic Poppies:

Don’t you just love their delicate crepe-like blooms?
Ahhhh, perfection! :)
Well, enjoy!
I am gearing up for another unbelievably busy weekend, including yet another trip out of town! So, unfortunately, I’ll be continuing to neglect all of you, my most fabulous friends, who have been so kind and thoughtful with your wonderful blog comments and e-mails. I am SO sorry! Your responses have meant so much to me! Sincerely; you are the absolute best! And just so you know, I truly have been struggling to make time to reply, but with all of these impending deadlines and events, each day has blurred into the next, and before I knew it, weeks passed! I feel really, REALLY terrible! I hope you can forgive me. Please know that you ARE appreciated! And I will do my very best to get more organized so I have time for the computer! Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and for sharing your thoughts!

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Miachelle said...

Those poppies are gorgeous! The first picture took my breath away!