Thursday, August 30, 2007


Here is the Exalted Beauty Spiralicious Medallion collection fresh from the oven:

The main focus of the Spiralicious collection is on the elegant simplicity of the fabulous spiral shape in combination with a dynamic range of beautiful, specially mixed polymer clay colors. However, keeping it *simple* was much more difficult then one would think (at least for me). If you haven’t guessed from the collection above and from my body of work in general, then let me just tell you; Spirals are my absolute FAVORITE shape! However, while I really liked the Spiralicious medallions in their spirally, fresh from the oven state, I felt they didn’t quite have that certain *something* that made them *Amyesque*. So I decided to give them some more individuality and character by using a number of transparent glazes and tinted varnishes, with the intention of adding history, texture, gloss and sophistication.

Here is a closer look at the finished Spiralicious pieces:

I really love how the final Spiralicious pieces turned out.
Now I’m looking forward to finishing the backs on both the Spiralicious and Prophecy collections so I can move on to the beading and cataloging. The Ravishing Round backs are finished and curing and should be ready to string in a few days. Yay! So at least I will have the Rounds ready in time for Mer’s Exalted Beauty Medallion party on September 7th. With any luck the rest of the medallion backs will be finished tomorrow and cure in time to do it all again!

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone!

I will be back with the Ravishing Round catalog next week!

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Woman in Love said...

Love these spirals! In the past year I've made thousands & they're fun to make and inspirational gifts!

I wish your blog had a search button as I'd love to read all your clay posts. (and I wish the blog were still being maintained but I think it has been too busy in your life - I hope you're doing good things!)