Monday, September 24, 2007

Philip Read Memorial Library

I have been invited to participate in the Philip Read Memorial Library fund raiser. The library has asked artists from across the country to donate artist-designed book covers. These art pieces will be available for purchase at the upcoming silent auction. All funds will go toward the much needed addition to the 87 year old Library building. Libraries are vitally important to our society, and especially to those of us involved in the arts. We hope that you will demonstrate the importance of books in your life by bidding on one of these unique functional art pieces.

Here are some photos of the book covers I created:




The book covers shown above are hand painted and showcase single edition re-marked prints of two paintings from the Tapestry painting series. These pieces are original, one of a kind, archival, artist signed book covers.
The pre-scored and folded covers are made of Stonehenge watercolor paper, provided by the library. After the artwork is completed on the book covers, they are then returned to the library where they will be filled with high quality blank papers and bound using ribbon in a side sewn method. Each signed artist book includes a short biography about the artist and will be represented in the auction as a piece of functional art.

The Philip Read Memorial Library silent auction will take place from November 11-17, 2007.

I will post a reminder as we get closer to this important event. If you would like more information, please call the Library Director, Nancy Norwalk at (603) 675-6866 or e-mail at

Fall Wildflowers

The WILDFLOWER PHOTO GALLERY has been updated!

Autumn Views

Autumn has arrived and the leaves are starting to change color. Here are some views of the fall foliage from our back yard:

The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest is a story I put together for Caden based on photos from yesterday’s afternoon in the back yard…

Once Upon a time there was handsome prince named Caden...

One day he decided to go on an exciting adventure in the Enchanted Forest behind his castle.

He went on a very long and rocky journey where he encountered many strange and wondrous things...

Including this very dark and scary cave...

The prince was a brave boy; one who was always more curious then afraid so he decided to approach the mysterious cave. As the fearless prince climbed closer, his footsteps awoke the creature within. Low and behold, Caden had disturbed the Evil Troll! Suddenly an angry sounding voice bellowed out of the darkness "Who dares enter MY Enchanted Forest!?” The prince replied "It is I! Sir Caden! I have come to MY Enchanted Forest to experience a great adventure!”

Well it quickly became apparent that the Evil Troll wasn't at all pleased by the handsome prince waking him up and he certainly wasn’t happy about him nosing around in the Enchanted Forest. So the troll commanded the prince to leave the forest immediately – or else! But the Enchanted Forest was part of the prince’s rightful kingdom so he stubbornly refused to be sent off his own land. Thus, a great battle ensued between the Evil Troll and the handsome prince Caden.

After many grueling hours of warfare, the Evil Troll was finally defeated! The handsome prince was victorious and the Enchanted Forest was once again a safe place to have a great adventure!

The End

An Ocean Vacation

We just got back from our trip to The Cape.
The weather was absolutely perfect!

We had a fabulous time!
Here are some of our ocean vacation highlights:

New England Seascapes

Here are some quiet September moments on the New England seashore:

Seaside Textures

Here are some inspirational New England seaside textures I photographed on our trip to The Cape:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Razzberry Kiss Displays!

Remember I said how much I loved Elizabeth’s medallion displays at The Razzberry Kiss? Well I finally took some pictures:

Beautiful huh?
Elizabeth has an amazing eye and flair for designing jewelry displays, which, by the way is only one of her many extraordinary talents, she is also an expert jewelry designer. Elizabeth is very interested in helping you design your own unique necklace to go with an Exalted Beauty Medallion. You may pick out a new Medallion from her extensive stock at The Razzberry Kiss or bring in an existing favorite to be redesigned into a whole new look. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? I know you will enjoy visiting the gorgeous Razzberry Kiss boutique with its distinguished atmosphere, great music and extremely entertaining hostess! :)


Olde Nugget Alley
Hanover, NH 03755
(603) 643-2283