Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Home Improvements!

The day after Mer’s Medallion party marked the first day of the Mr.’s annual *Work on the House September Vacation*. This week of extreme manual labor has become a tradition here and it is usually scheduled the week before the annual Caden Birthday Party Extravaganza. For some reason, we use this important family event as a means to motivate us into completing seemingly impossible home improvement feats in a very short period of time. I’m pretty sure we do this because I suddenly freak out about everyone seeing the state of our *house in progress*. I feel horribly compelled to achieve a big visual change to signify that we are in fact still working on the house! Yes I am crazy and yes, sadly, I do care what people think. For those of you who don’t know, we built a brand new house three years ago, and we moved into it *unfinished*. We are doing the majority of the finish work ourselves, so you can imagine the involvement and commitment doing a house on your own requires. Anyway, we assumed that we would get more done if the projects were staring us in the face. However, being two extremely busy people with a very busy wild monkey child, these home improvement projects become rather slow and painful and often get pushed to the back burner. But eventually, things do get done, bit by bit. However, as much as we really have accomplished, we are still a long way from finished. And no matter how much has been completed, in my mind, we haven’t officially moved in to this house until I’ve unpacked our old house (which is still sitting in boxes in the basement). Argh! So unpack, you say! Well, I will, but up until now I’ve been waiting until the last of the Sheetrock sanding was complete so I could paint with out fear of having my hard work destroyed. The plan was to paint and then move in. Well it finally happened, the last of the Sheetrock sanding was completed and painting has begun! Hurray!

Here are pictures of the rooms I painted last week (if you look closely you might be able to tell that these colors were pulled from the materials found in the house like the hickory and slate floors, the stainless steel appliances as well as the granite counter tops):

Kitchen ~ Paint: Glazed Pecan:

Dining Room ~ Paint: Glazed Pecan:

Stairwell Wall (part of the Living Room, next to the Kitchen) ~ Paint: Sweet Georgia Brown:

Caden’s Bedroom (please ignore the mess!) ~ Paint: Gulf Winds:

Caden’s Monkey Bathroom ~ Paint: Mother Nature:

Entryway (Mudroom) ~ Paint: Gulf Winds:

Downstairs Bathroom ~ Paint: Sweet Georgia Brown:

As you can see our house is most definitely a work in progress! I hope to bring the colors all together by painting the rest of the walls in a beautiful shade of “Burnt Almond”. With any luck, I will finish the rest of the house in the next few weeks, that is, if I can manage to squeeze it in between deadlines and road trips! Ah yeah, more about that later. In the meantime, stay tuned, I have Birthday and Razzberry Kiss stuff coming up next!


Miachelle said...

I think your house looks fabulous! Beautiful color schemes. And it looks like Cayden's party was quite the hit!

I missed your posts--was wondering if you had fallen off the earth!

Miachelle said...

PS...I'm sorry for misspelling Caden's name. :-(