Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mer’s Party Report!

Hey Everyone!
I know it has been quite a while since my last post. I’m really sorry! So much going on as usual, but instead of boring you with lengthy details I will attempt to quickly catch you up on the basics, post by post (with more pictures then words). I thought it would be best to start where I left off a week and a half ago and that was with Mer’s Exalted Beauty Medallion party. The guests were few but what they lacked in abundance they made up for in laughs! The party was tons of fun and I really enjoyed getting to know Mer and crew. The new collections were very well received and I am feeling extremely hopeful about the upcoming holiday season. No major mishaps or dramas happened, well, except for the fact that I gained a bunch of weight from steroids the week before the party! Argh! I was feeling pretty uncomfortable and still very obviously *uncured* (Sciatic nerve issues due to the fact that I’m still carrying around my now enormous 46 pound 4 year old). Oh and I am still suffering from the big purple bruise on my toes from where I dropped a giant hunk of wood that serves as the base for one of my out door lights. Ouch. But, overall the party was quite successful, especially considering the fact that Mer’s mom made my night when she brought home 16 medallions and booked another Exalted Beauty Medallion party! Yay! She must have a huge Christmas list! I am really looking forward to Mer senior’s party so I can hang out with these ladies again. It really was a blast! A very big thank you to the beautiful and fabulous Mer! You are a most excellent hostess! And your hair salon is SO awesome! I can’t wait to come in for a beauty treatment soon!

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