Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Razzberry Kiss Displays!

Remember I said how much I loved Elizabeth’s medallion displays at The Razzberry Kiss? Well I finally took some pictures:

Beautiful huh?
Elizabeth has an amazing eye and flair for designing jewelry displays, which, by the way is only one of her many extraordinary talents, she is also an expert jewelry designer. Elizabeth is very interested in helping you design your own unique necklace to go with an Exalted Beauty Medallion. You may pick out a new Medallion from her extensive stock at The Razzberry Kiss or bring in an existing favorite to be redesigned into a whole new look. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? I know you will enjoy visiting the gorgeous Razzberry Kiss boutique with its distinguished atmosphere, great music and extremely entertaining hostess! :)


Olde Nugget Alley
Hanover, NH 03755
(603) 643-2283

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