Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stained Glass Botanicals

Last Sunday, after completing the botanically inspired Shrinky Dink rounds, I suddenly became disenchanted with the original test medallion design. I decided to take a break as I let my subconscious rework it. Uh, unfortunately, taking a break meant that I was completely sidetracked AGAIN and I started an entirely new collection (so much for that painting series I was going to introduce!). Oh dear, nothing like having three new medallion collections going at once and a medallion party scheduled in just over two weeks! Silly me, apparently there just wasn’t enough stress and stuff happening right before Christmas!

Anyway, eventually I had an epiphany…

After I made a bunch of these:

I decided that, with the addition of color, that they were much too dark. They needed some light, like sunlight through a stained glass window… Duh, Stained Glass? Okay so I really am blond, but whatever, I usually get it eventually! Uh, have I mentioned that I get up at 4 am? Yes, I’m brain dead for a reason! Anyway, so my next move was to make some of these:

Then I tacked on some packing tape to the back, dropped in the completed Shrinky Dink disks, filled them with resin, and now they look like this:

I’m MUCH happier with the addition of *light*. The only problem is that, now, instead of my traditional black lacquered backs, there is a clear window where you can see my colored pencil work on the backside… Not so sure how I feel about that. Here are the Stained Glass Botanical BACKS curing:

You'll have to wait for the catalog to see the fronts!

Overall, I’m feeling somewhat naked and indecisive about these, but the Stained Glass Medallions have been such a hit in the past that I felt compelled to give it another go. However, much to the dismay of my equestrian fans, I couldn’t seem to make myself complete any new Stained Glass horses! But don’t worry; I think the new collection I’m working on will satisfy all of your Animal desires! Ah, just so you know, I’m working on an Animal Medallion collection - nothing dirty! :)

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