Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Uterine Army!

Here they are! The Uterine Army:

Also known as the new Exalted Beauty Uterus Medallion collection!
So what do you really think? Have I completely lost my mind? Well, I’ll let you mull these over for a few days while I try to get organized for Tammy’s Medallion party. I’ve been putting off my usual party preparations as I’ve been consumed with creating these. However, now that the Uterus fronts have been completed; it’s time for me to get back to business! Besides, these need to cure for at least 3 days before I can work on the backs. With any luck, I’ll get to that on Monday and have the Uterus Medallions strung, photographed and cataloged by the end of next week! But in the meantime, on to more mundane tasks, there are labels to cut, boxes and bags to make, catalogs to print, records to update, lots and lots of necklaces to reorganize and restock... I should really hire an assistant. :)


Vickie said...

Ha! I just found your site from earthenwood. I must say, truly, I love the uterine medalions. Yeah, perhaps it takes one aback for just a momement. BUT--it is a brilliant idea!

zevo calamari said...

I LOVE your uterine medalions. Thanks for mentioning my Screaming Uterus site. I have not updated it for you have inspired me to create more art.

Good fortune!
I will add you to the blogroll of a few of my other sites.