Monday, December 10, 2007

Animal Medallions

Here are the Exalted Beauty Animal Medallions in Copper, Gold and Silver (on the scanner):

Here is a closer look at the 12 layer metallic finish (in the sunlight):

Why 12 layers you ask? Well, besides being completely crazy, 12 layers was the point in which I achieved this luminescent, glowing, radiant color! These medallions appear to have been made from an intriguing new material derived from a combination of metal, glass, and ceramic. I love the contrast between the shimmering finish and the primitive style carving. The final result is a fun and unique collection of hand sculpted animal jewelry.

I can’t wait to hear what you think?

Side Note: When I was photographing the pieces above I was thrilled to discover that this finish is so multifaceted and shiny that it not only has the ability to capture and radiate light, it also reflects what you are wearing! Had I known this before I shot the image above, I would have worn something more neutral. As it is, if you look closely, you can see 12 tiny portraits of me wearing a bright red Patriots t-shirt. Oooops! Anyway, you get the point.

What’s next? I’m currently working on the Animal Medallion backs:

And if all goes according to plan (and I don’t collapse from exhaustion), I hope to have these beaded, photographed and cataloged by the end of the week, just in time for Heather’s Medallion party!


Lynne said...

The details of these carvings are incredible Amy, and once again you have found the perfect finish to complement each piece. I am once again in awe.

Miachelle said...

You have more patience than I do!! I'd like to see these in person, I'm really curious about the layering effect and how they look. As always, beautiful work!!! Bravo!