Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Tree

Heather’s Medallion party was canceled due to the enormous snow storm we were hit with on Sunday, so instead, we prepared for the weather and started our Christmas festivities. First, the reindeer were fed:

And then the Mr. cut down a big fat beautiful tree from the tree farm next door. Here it is decorated:

Caden and I made that huge sparkle-rific tree topper! Here is a closer look:

Ohhhh, awwww! Well, okay, so maybe not, but Caden had fun and he loves it! And that’s what it is all about! :) Christmas has officially begun at the Exalted Beauty household. Christmas baking and craft projects are well underway. And as usual, I started everything way too late! So now I am in the midst of the annual pre-Christmas panic! Oh what fun it is! Happy Holidays!

[By the way, I was kidding about the Reindeer, that picture is from our recent trip to Santa’s Village!

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