Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Life and Times of Mr. C

Every Christmas I put together a set of photos that celebrates the life and times of Mr. C. as a grandparent gift. I’m currently working on this year’s set (which most of you have seen here on the blog), but I thought (since this project always leaves me feeling horribly sentimental) it would be fun to share some pictures of my wild monkey child from previous years. I’m using the excuse that I view my photography as an art form! Here are some of my favorites:





Awe, what a trip down memory lane! Now I’m feeling all "verklempt"! Dab Dab.
I’m hoping my handsome little model will be feeling cooperative later today because I would really like to attempt a Christmas themed photo shoot to finish off the 2007 grandparent collection. If you have any idea what it is like working with an over active 4 year old, then you know I desperately need you to wish me luck! It was so much easier when he was just a blob and I could prop him up with some stuffed animals! Oh well, action shots are good too, right? :)

Happy Holidays!

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