Tuesday, January 15, 2008

May Day! May Day!

I want to thank everyone for their thoughtful and supportive comments about the paintings and my competition submission. I sincerely appreciate it! I was experiencing a serious case of insecurity and indecision. My confusion and frustration might have also been the beginning symptoms of this really awful bug I’m currently suffering from. I’m a wreck! Completely non-functional. But despite wanting to crawl in a hole and die, with your support, I managed to pick a set of 3 from the recent Exalted Beauties: Jane, Lucy and Audrey. I chose these because it seemed as if people were favoring Lucy. And honestly, despite Judy Chicago’s book “The Dinner Party” being one of the awards, I just wasn’t ready to make the *vagina statement* with my Cervical Cancer paintings. So, in logical financial terms, I went with Jane and Audrey because they seemed to make a match set with Lucy as center. You know, thinking positively in an optimistic world, where N.A.W.A. picks more then one painting and the gods send a buyer who just can’t live with out the set!

Anyway, I had the application ready to go and even crawled into the post office to mail it in this morning, but as I walked up to the window I realized I left my wallet next to the computer. Duh, no sleep and medicine head! Bad combo. But the post office lady was kind enough to weigh my SASE and application packet so that I could put stamps on it at home (with the intention of sending it off with the Mr. tomorrow). Yay! A deadline has been met and a weight has been lifted!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. I’m off to recover from this retched flu, but before I go, I thought I’d share a touching mother and son moment from this afternoon. As I was praying into the loo, my son knocks on the door and happily asks “Are you throwing up Mama?”, “Yes Caden (simultaneously the inner voice speaks: “Yes Satan!”)”, he not so sympathetically replies “Awe Gross Mama!” and stomps gleefully down the hall hollering “May Day! May Day!” Alert the troops, Mama’s down! Time to party. Naughty, naughty child. But at least He is feeling better!

When I come back I think I’ll be doing some purging of another kind. Stay tuned!


Derek Andrews said...

Hey Amy, I really hope you are better soon.

Where I come from we would say you were 'calling Hughie on the big white phone'.

best wishes, Derek

Derek Andrews said...

P.S. Looking on the bright side, perhaps you should be grateful that your child thinks it was gross:)