Sunday, January 13, 2008

Winter Botanicals

What does one do to cure Croup? Fresh, cool, moist air; its magic! That’s what the doctor’s say anyway. Here are some Winter Botanicals I photographed while out attempting to cure Caden’s Croup:

Caden is slowly getting better but I had very a hard time keeping him outside this week, despite the unseasonably warm weather. In fact, on this day he was promised the last fresh baked cookie if he would stay outside “for a long time”. I tried to stress that the air would magically make him feel better, but he’s 4 so that had absolutely no impact. It was soon apparent that he and I have different definitions of the word *long*, because while I was in the meadow shooting the images above, he snuck back in the house to gobble his reward! So naughty!

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