Monday, March 31, 2008

Inspiration: Industrial Fashion

Before I present the Exalted Beauty Mindworks collection, I thought I’d share some fun fashion trends that ignited my imagination. Today’s inspiration is Industrial Fashion!

"Industrial Fashion is a form of
fashion most closely associated with the industrial music scene and is based on styles including punk and military combat uniform aesthetics. Typical items of clothing include combat boots, camo trousers, t-shirts, and sometimes gas masks, goggles, flight jackets, or trenchcoats, straps and buckles, spikes, the colors black and olive being most predominant. Partially or completely buzzed, shaved, undercut, and Bowl-cut hair is common. Body Modification such as piercings may also be associated with the culture, as they may be disliked due to mainstream popularity. The female side of the fashion includes with the above; short skirts, lipgloss and dark eyeliner. Metallic and or Futuristic elements are often incorporated into the overall look, but isn't needed, as most "Hardcore" Rivetheads consider this "Trendy" and dub them "Cybergoths". Colorful synthetic pony falls / hair extensions and colorful vinyl are an example of "CyberGoth" wear."

Industrial Fashion image shown above is from Leeds Photography

Industrial Fashion image shown above is from Industrial Adornment

I think it’s important to keep in mind that while a particular style may not be your *thing* there will always be something to gain from the exposure to new and different fashion trends. The more we observe, the more we experience as individuals/artists/designers, the more vocabulary we obtain to speak with our own distinctive inner voice. See what’s out there, collect ideas, combine genres and invent something new and completely you!

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